Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Best Family Activities In Tenerife ♥

Tenerife has long been one of the top family holiday destinations. In fact, generations of tourists have visited the largest Canary Island to enjoy it’s climate and range of seaside resorts. But there's much more to entice families than just that. The island is a rewarding destination with numerous exciting activities waiting for adventurous families looking for fun. To help inspire you to jet off to the Canaries, here are some of Tenerife’s top family activities: 

Visit another planet
Walking through Tenerife’s Teide National park is an otherworldly experience akin to walking on Mars. Kids will love the unique landscape, unusual rock formations and stunning views. Mount Teide itself is Spain’s highest peak and has a cable car that takes you within 200m of the summit. The view from the cable car is unforgettable, as is the view from the top. 

Take a dip in the Garachico pools
Go for a swim in a unique natural swimming pool. The famous Garachico rock pools were created by a volcanic eruption three hundred years ago, and offer a delightfully scenic spot for a swim to this day. Safely separated from the Atlantic, these pools are popular with visitors all year round. The town of Garachico itself is a pleasant place for a wander once you’ve all dried off. 

Hit Europe's biggest waterpark
Siam Park is a must-visit destination for any family holidaying in Tenerife. As the name suggests, it has a Thailand theme and is ideally located to offer a picturesque tropical wonderland. One of the world’s premier waterparks, there is an abundance of different slides ideal for kids of all ages, and even plenty that are perfectly safe for non-swimmers. One word of warning, once you take them once your kids will definitely want to go back! 

Go on a sea safari
See Tenerife’s amazing marine life up close by going on a Submarine Safari. This unique activity is a popular one in both Tenerife and Lanzarote and offers an unforgettable journey into a new world beneath the waves. The comfortable submarines themselves are amazing fun for kids of all ages, and the chance to learn about the marine eco-system surrounding is equally fascinating for children and adults alike. Tenerife offers amazing bang for its buck, and while there’s nothing wrong with lazy days by the seaside, by adventuring a little further you and your family can easily create some memories that will last a lifetime! 

You can read about mine and Jacek's holiday to Tenerife here.

*First image by Håkan Dahlström, used under Creative Commons Licence.


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  1. I've never been to Tenerife as a family but I have been multiple times with my mum or a friend. We last went 2 years ago. It was a holiday I won and we went to Siam Park. Great park. Loved it. We also rented a car and drove around the island.


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