Monday, August 22, 2016

#TravelforAll | Wheelchair & Buggy Friendly Days Out Across The UK ♥

As a family, one of our favourite things to do is go on days out, visiting attractions and places of interest across the country and make memories with each other along the way - in fact, we just went on another family day out over the weekend to Cahir Castle and Swiss Cottage, post to come later this week.

However, in my experience as a parent, finding places to visit that are accessible for everyone can be quite difficult. I can't tell you how many times we've visited somewhere thinking it was wheelchair/buggy friendly and found ourselves having to carry the buggy up and down steps various times throughout our visit - not ideal at all.

Luckily a buggy can be quite lightweight, but I doubt it would be as easy to maneuver a wheelchair around places that have no lift access and lots of steps. So where is there to go when travel is needed for all the family, able bodied, wheelchair users and babies in buggies alike?

Mobility Nationwide, who offer a wide range of cars for wheelchairs, have put together an infographic, an all access travel guide if you will, highlighting fourteen different family day out options across the UK which are ideal for wheelchair and buggy users.

The helpful infographic shows were the destinations are located across the UK and even gives a little brief description of them. I also contributed to the infographic by highlighting the Science Museum in London, a place to go when I'm in the city and one that is perfect for everyone.

So please do take a look at the infographic below, you never know, it may provide just the inspiration you and yours needed for your next family day out that allows easy access travel for all.


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