Monday, June 20, 2016

Perfect Children's Garden Room/Playhouse Decor Inspiration ♥

For quite some time now I've been wanting to have an indoor space in the garden for the children and have been looking into different ideas from playhouses to garden rooms and everything in between, and whilst I love the idea of a playhouse, a garden room may be a better option for us as it offers more longevity - my eldest son is sadly already taller than most playhouse doors, I wish he'd stop growing up so quickly on me! A garden room would also offer a lot more space and a proper, functional room for them to enjoy.

I actually had a garden room as a child, complete with seating space, storage and electricity. It was a great space for my brother and I to enjoy and was most probably a godsend to my mother as it meant that we were out of the house and so were most of our toys - I never realised until I became a parent just how many toys a child can accumulate over time! I fondly remember my mother lovingly painting it a lovely blue shade and setting it all up for us, it was a great space for us to get out of the house, play house and to go with friends when they came to visit.

One of the key reasons why I'd like a garden room is to use it as an extension of our living space, to give the boys a play/seating area of their own. The garden rooms by Lidget, offer a safe, dry space to store things in so I could really make a unique and cosy space for the boys to enjoy. How amazing is the play space featured  on Jeanette's Hus, I love how light and airy it looks and if I could replace all the pink with blue then it would be perfect for my boys. I know Tyler Lee would love the cupcake stand and the dish rack - he's a bit obsessed with playing house at the moment and lovely anything that imitates things that adults use for cleaning, cooking, etc.

Inside the garden room I'd like to create a fun and cosy space for the boys and it's no secret that I love cottage inspired decor so I think I'd definite have to go with that theme - look how beautiful the decor is in the play room which was featured on Hometalk, I absolutely love the pastel colours used and the storage under the seat is perfect for a children's play area. I'd paint the walls a duck egg blue, similar to the shade used in the picture above, and get some little curtains for the windows - I think the novelty of having it looking like a real little house would really entice the boys to play in there. I also love the addition of bunting and the house shaped shelves, they're perfect for displaying little knick-knacks and toys. I think a day bed would be a lovely addition for them to sit in too, doubling up as the perfect place to have a sleepover once they're older. I love how the day bed looks in the garden room in my post about French Loaf.

A little table and chairs would be an essential for the room, perfect for them to play at and do some arts and crafts. I'd also pop Tyler Lee's kitchen and household toys in there so that he could play house in his own little space. I think putting his teepee out there and creating a cosy little reading corner with lots of cushions, blankets, fairy lights and a little bookshelf would be a lovely idea too. There are plenty of little DIY projects that can be done to make a children's play space quite special for almost no amount of money at all. The pictures used in this post are by the lovely Amy-Beth, @rory_eden.x on Instagram, who comes up with the sweetest DIY projects - just look at the play space she has for her gorgeous boys. It's so personal, unique and everything was put together with love. I also love the idea of this DIY market grocery store  from Welcome to the Mouse House and think it would be a great thing to have in a children's play area, it seems so easy to put together too and I can imagine them having lots of fun with this as Tyler Lee loves to play shop. We already have the cubed units so it would be easy for us to make.

I have so many ideas for a perfect garden room space for my boys and I know I'd have so much fun putting it all together. There is a lot of children's play area inspiration to be found on Pinterest, which is where I get a lot of ideas for things around my home and which is where I came across the beautiful spaces above. I just wish I had the time and money to recreate them all - tell me I'm not alone in spending countless hours on Pinterest wishing I lived in these places?!

Do you have a garden room or indoor space in your garden for your children to enjoy?

*Rory and Eden's playhouse pictures courtesy of Amy-Beth Rodgers.


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  1. I would LOVE a little outdoor summer house for Oscar. He's very much into role play at the moment and I think he would love it! :)

    Louise x


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