Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How To Design The Perfect Children's Bedroom ♥

Knowing how to design your child’s bedroom can be a tricky task, however, with some guidance and suggestions, you should find it easy to create an ideal space for your little one to enjoy. I've just redone Tyler Lee's bedroom as we've moved him into a proper bed and am about to embark on decorating the nursery also, so I thought I would share some tips that can really help when planning the perfect bedroom for your little one.
Be creative with your lighting choices
As a place where your child will play, study and sleep, it’s important that you think carefully about the lighting. A well-lit room is vital, and you should try to incorporate elements of fun and creativity into the space through the illuminations you choose. There are a whole host of cute lighting solutions available for you to take your pick from, and you shouldn’t struggle to find designs that your child will love. For example, lighting specialists such as The Lighting Superstore offer a range of ceiling fittings that are available in an array of styles, from pink floral patterns to multicoloured aeroplane designs - the latter being one that I'm sure my boy would love.

Be savvy with your storage solutions
From toys, to books, to board games, it’s likely that your little one (if they're anything like mine anyway!) has a lot of treasured belongings and unless you’re organised, you could end up with a room that resembles a junk sale rather than a calming and fun space. Being savvy with your storage solutions is a guaranteed way to maintain order. If you’re stuck for space, you could go for a wall-mounted bookcase or shelves. I've seen so many gorgeous pictures on Instagram on shelves above cots and beds which are used for holding little knick-knacks and books and they create a real talking piece within the room.

Alternatively, you could use storage baskets (we have wicker and soft bag baskets in Tyler Lee's room for holding cuddly toys and musical instruments) or wooden crates to keep the area tidy, or make the most of the under-bed space with plastic storage boxes that you can keep out of sight but within easy access. Storage is a key element in the design of any child's room so you really can’t afford to skimp on it.

Be picky with your colour pallette
When it comes to selecting a colour theme for your little one's bedroom, you may think it’s pretty straightforward. While most kids love anything bright, you don’t necessarily have to go with this theme in their room. So that your decoration choices stand the test of time you could opt for something more neutral and mix it up with one or two splashes of colour. For example, you could paint three of the walls white and create a statement with one in a striking shade such as dark blue or hot pink.

Alternatively, you could paint a neutral shade on the walls and have fun with colour by the soft furnishings you pick. Tyler Lee's room is currently an off-white shade with different shades of blue in his bedding and accessories and it really works well for creating that 'beachy' vibe we were going for. Using too many bold hues can overwhelm the room, so to make the area appear more spacious, be careful when you’re picking your colour pallette.

With a little effort and creativity, you shouldn’t find it difficult to put together the perfect bedroom space for your child and have fun whilst creating it also. I shall have an update on Tyler Lee's new bedroom and the nursery when they're both completed.


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