Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rock / Metal / Punk Custom Denim Jacket From Rowdy Roddy Vintage ♥

If you've been following my blog for quite awhile, you'll have noticed that I like to dress my son in a variety of styles. I've always wanted him to have his own unique style, I don't really follow any set fashion trends with him and I try to stay away from clothing that is super popular (although I can never resist Zara joggers on him!), instead, opting for the more unique pieces you can find online from sites such as Etsy, Big Cartel and various cool kids clothing and accessories sites, this is how I discovered the fantastic Rowdy Roddy Vintage.

Rowdy Roddy Vintage have an array of gorgeous pieces for little ones, from their gorgeous range of vintage finds for babies and bigger kids, to their super cool rock and roll baby and kiddo lines, as well as some stylish finds for nurseries and bedrooms, they really do have a fantastic selection of products on their site.

Something you may not know about Jacek and I (more me really as I can be quite girly), is that we're big rock and metal music fans - I even have a Slipknot tattoo *shock horror*, so when I stumbled across Rowdy Roddy Vintage's Rock & Roll Kiddo range I fell in love. I always wanted a son to be my first child and I got my wish, I always thought that I would dress him in little rocker outfits and band t-shirts, although it didn't really turn out that way, but the first thing we ever bought him, while I was still pregnant, was a 'Punk Rock Baby' babygro and I always loved him in his little Nirvana t-shirt as a baby too. He has an array of band t-shirts now but when I saw the Rock / Metal / Punk Custom Denim Jacket* I knew it was something really special and that I'd love to have one for my son.

This jacket really is special, made from an upcycled, vintage Levi's denim jacket, it's not only a real find but it's eco-friendly too! I choose a light blue denim for the jacket as I prefer it over the dark blue but when ordering you can let Rowdy Roddy Vintage know your preferences and they will do their very best to accommodate you. You can also let them know what you'd like on the back of the jacket and choose 2-3 bands for the front too. When I was ordering Tyler Lee's jacket I spotted one with a big Black Sabbath feature on the back and as they are one of Jacek's favourite bands I specifically asked for something similar to be on the jacket, Rowdy Roddy Vintage didn't disappoint and put an amazing Black Sabbath back piece on the jacket. I also asked for Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Metallica logos on the jacket if they had them and as you can see they were able to get two of these on the jacket for me.

This jacket is actually 4 years so it's a little big for Tyler Lee at the moment but considering that he's so tall and is growing like wildfire, it won't be long until he's sporting it, hopefully next spring when he's three and I can't wait because it's so unbelievably cool, Jacek and I are besotted by it and judging by the way Jacek feels about it, it's going to become a family heirloom because he said we're never leaving it go, even when Tyler Lee has grown out of it. Expect some pictures of Tyler Lee in this soon.

The Rowdy Roddy Vintage Rock / Metal / Punk Custom Denim Jacket is £35, which I personally think is a bargain price and they're available in sizes 3-6 months (how adorable would one be on a little rocker baby?!) to 11/12 years. I think I may have to get an entirely Nirvana dedicated one for Tyler Lee for Christmas as it's such a bargain and unique find.

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