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My Good Reads | Mini Book Reviews ♥

As a child I always had my head in a book, in fact, I used to visit the library every Saturday and take out two books which I would have finished before my next visit. I was a huge fan of The Babysitter Club books (Remember them? Oh the hours I spent reading about those girls antics and wishing my name was Claudia...) and quickly worked my way through every single book from the series that the library had. In my teenage years I began reading biographies and books that usually centered around Kurt Cobain (oh how I loved him...) and all the conspiracies about his death. My taste in books has varied over the years and I've always loved finding new, interesting books to read, but after I had my son my love of reading become replaced by other new and exciting hobbies - blogging being the main culprit for my lack of reading books over the past two years.

Back in May I promised myself that I would begin reading again, try and spent more time off the laptop and social media and more time broadening my horizons and imagination with some good reads. I'm proud to say that I've kept my promise to myself and have made my way through a handful of books in the past two months. This is my first mini review post...

 Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland | I picked up this book on the off-chance when I spotted the blogger/vlogger section in my local Waterstones. I've never watched any of Louise's vlogs but I have checked in with her blog from time to time and loved her down to Earth, fun tone. This book is lovely and actually spurred me on to begin reading other bloggers books too. I love how happy the book is. It shares a lot of positive thinking and tips from beauty, to DIY to relationships. There were a few parts I had to skip as they just didn't relate to me - living in student digs, etc. but overall it was a great read and I'll be hanging onto this book for future reference. I'd give this book a 5/5, love it!

My Boys, My Body, My Business by Caprice Bourret* | I was actually sent this book to review and I was happy to do so because I actually like reading autobiographies, they're usually easy reads and that's just what I like. I finished this book in a day and it gives a great, honest account of Caprice's life, from her days as a famous model, to beginning her own business, to her struggle to get pregnant and then being blessed with the miracle of two beautiful baby boys. I really liked Caprice's honesty in this book, she didn't hold back on the details of her life and that was refreshing, especially as she's a well know figure. I tweeted about how inspirational I found this book - Caprice's determination to create a successful business and become a mother really resonated with me - and I was delighted that Caprice actually tweeted back to thank me, it made me like her even more. I'd give this book a 4/5.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame | Many people see this book as an absolute childhood classic but I had never read it before I picked it up in a charity shop last month. I was really drawn to the cover (I know you should never judge a book by its cover!) and was delighted to begin reading it. It follows the adventures of Mole and the Water Rat and their friends Badger and Mr. Toad. Some parts of the book were great but I began to become quite bored in the middle and actually couldn't wait to finish it just so I could have it over and done with and that is never a good way to feel about a book. I wouldn't call this book a classic, it just didn't draw me in. I'd give it a 3/5 and that's just for the good bits.

Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom | Mitch Albom is one of my favourite author ever and his books never fail to make me think of life in a different way. His books mainly deal with theories of religion and philosophical thinking and Have A Little Faith is no exception. This book is a true story and is centered around Reb aka Rabbi Albert L. Lewis, who Albom met with on a regular basis in order to be able to write his eulogy when he died. As the story goes on and the theories and beliefs of Reb are talked about by him and Albom another character named Henry Covington is introduced, as is the work he did in the I Am My Brother's Keeper Church. I really loved this book, it really made me think and show that there is good in the world and even though religion is a primary theme in the book you don't have to believe in a God in order to appreciate the sweetness, hope and positivity that is expressed throughout it. I'd give this book 5/5.

 Playing With the Grown-Ups by Sophie Dahl | This was a re-read as I actually couldn't remember the plot of the book when I came across it when donating some books to the charity shop. It follows the story of Kitty and her over-eccentric mother Marina who leads a rather glamourous lifestyle from the profits from her art. The books follows Kitty's life from a young age right up to present day and all her adventures with her mother. The book is quite hard to relate to as I could never imagine anyone being like her mother is described, although I'm sure there are people like that out there. In fact, the lifestyle the main characters were leading became a bit too unbelievable for me and I hated the ending, it didn't really resolve the plot. I'd give this book 2/5.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad | This was a book I wanted to read for quite a long time and when I came across it in the charity shop last week for just €1 I just had to have it. It follows the story of best friends Scarlett and Jane who move to L.A. for work experience and college and their rise to fame as stars on the reality TV show L.A. Candy. All the while I was reading this book all I could think was - this is the story of The Hills and I'm sure Lauren did draw on her own experiences for the plot. It was a really easy read but not very gripping, which was rather disappointing as I had been wanting to read it for so long. I'd give this book 3/5.

Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne | This was another re-read for me as I absolutely loved this book first time round and wanted a refresher of it before I pass it onto a friend. It follows the true story of Lorna Byrne, an Irish mystic who can see and speak to angels ever since she was a child. The book has some sad parts but really does give an immense sense of hope and made me really believe in angels and the power they can bestow on people in order to help them through life. I love how Lorna describes the angels and their appearance and names. I also felt as if some paragraphs in this book were just speaking to me, that I needed to read them in order to feel okay in myself once again. It really is such a beautiful book and I can't wait to read Lorna's three other books. I give this book 5/5.

I will be donating these books (bar Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter and Angels in my Hair, which I'm giving to a friend) to the charity shop now that I'm done with them. It's so great to be reading again, there's nothing like the feeling you get when you finish a good book, it's so satisfying.

Have you read any of the above books or would you want to?



  1. I didn't even know Sprinkle of Glitter had her own book out - although i should of as i believe they all do now. I definitely want to read it, she always seems so wise and positive.
    I read LA Candy years ago - and thought nearly the exact same thing you did - it was nice but it didn't inspire me to read the rest of the series.
    I love that you've included so many reviews in one post!
    My goal is always to read more, I think it always puts you in a better state of mind.
    Kelsey x
    ps I can't believe you donate books after you've read them (I mean good on you) but I always get so attached - I'm the one at the thrift store buying a second copy because i clearly need it (nb do not need it!)
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    All other orders look to be serviced corrected?

  2. Thanks for sharing your list! I'll have to check some of these out. I love that you donate your books to charity. I've been getting mine at a used book shop and then trading them back in for store credit when I'm done reading!


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