Friday, July 31, 2015

A Little Holiday Haul | Mama & Baba ♥

It's not often that I post a haul, because to be honest, I don't go shopping all that often, well not for me anyway, I'm always buying things for my son, but when I go on holiday, especially to Jersey, I like to pick up some things for myself as they have shops that we don't have here in Cork. I picked up some goodies for myself and for my son too - I couldn't resist the Little Bird display in Mothercare. I also did some thrifting in a local hospice store which had some lovely things, most of which I couldn't buy as I wouldn't have been able to take them back on the plane but I did get some lovely pieces.

The stationary addict in me couldn't resist going into Paperchase for a look, a shop that we don't have here in Cork, and I picked up some lovely bits for keeping my blogging work in order. I got this gorgeous pale blue and gold diary that goes up to December 2016 for keeping all my blog work and contacts organised, this was reduced from £16 to only £5 - what an absolute bargain! I also got this beautiful hand-embroidered journal for keeping blog notes and post ideas in, I loved the typewriter design, this was reduced from £10 to £5 also. The three pens caught my eye as they looked like they were pastel but the ink is actually quite neon but it doesn't matter, they're still pretty and it's great to have different colours for highlighting different things, these were three for £2.50.

One of the things I picked up in the Hospice shop was this pretty vintage mirror for £2.50. I've cleaned it up and I'll actually use it for applying my makeup. It'll also look pretty on my dressing table and will be nice for photo styling too. I can never resist a trip to MAC, especially when I'm in Jersey as I always think the products are cheaper as they're in sterling - I'm so wrong... I picked up six new lipsticks - Creme Cup, Creme de la Femme, Peach Blossom, Sandy B., Angel and Divine Choice. I also picked up a Fujifilm Instax instant camera in pastel pink and two cartridges of film. I haven't used my new camera yet, I'm saving it for an evening when there's some nice sunlight because there are only ten photos per film, which is a bit of a rip off but they'll be nice to have. The camera was £56 and the films were £17.

 I picked up both these dresses in the Hospice shop (which is actually like a warehouse really there's so much stuff!). I really loved the colour and the print on the sunflower and daisy dress, I'm not sure if it'll suit me or not but I had to pick it up anyway. The brand is Hell Bunny and it was £6, which I did think was a bit much for a charity shop but it's going for £24.99 here so it's a bargain really.

I also picked up this beautiful rose print dress from Topshop for £2 - bargain! It's a size 12 (which I am most definitely not) but I couldn't leave it behind and thankfully it actually fits, yay!

 I got this beautiful Hope and Greenwood oilcloth bag in the post office in Sark. I absolutely love the print with bluebirds, ribbons, love hearts and letters - it's so pretty! I couldn't leave it behind and it was only £19.99.

Cath Kidston had a sale on (which they always seem to do when I'm in Jersey!) but I only liked one of their bags from their new Library Collection but it was like £58, which I wasn't parting with for a bag I probably wouldn't end up using. I got Tyler Lee this gorgeous cloud print jacket which was reduced from £28 to £16, it'll be perfect for autumn. The blue star print shoes were just £8 so I couldn't leave them behind. I also picked up these little plastic lunch boxes for him as I want to start packing him sandwiches and fruit for lunch at school and these will be ideal for that and our little picnics too. These were £4.

Mothercare also had a sale on so I had to go in for a look and to check out their Little Bird display as the one in my local Mothercare isn't the best. The sale section had only baby sizes left in the Little Bird range and even though I'm not expecting (although I'm optimistic about the prospect about it happening again one day!) I couldn't leave the gorgeous little sleepsuits behind, I think they're so unique! They were £7 and if I don't end up being able to use them I'll donate them to the charity shop so there'll be no loss there.

I picked up some bits for Tyler Lee from the new range and was actually surprised that it's all purple for boys, I think the blue on the trim on the t-shirt would have been a far nicer option. I got him a rainbow long-sleeve, toadstool print t-shirt, rainbow designed joggers and some knee high socks which I've been wanting to get him for ages. I can't remember how much they all cost and typically the Mothercare Ireland site doesn't have them in stock yet...

 I also picked him up these pairs of shoes from the Mothercare sale. They were just £6 each and the star print are perfect for summer, I'll be keeping the hightops for him for the autumn.

I love baby tights - I should probably call them toddler tights by now - so I picked up these two from Blade & Rose for £10, they'll be perfect for keeping my boy warm in the cold weather. I also got him this honey coloured Jellycat bunny for £14. I've been wanting to get him a grey one for ages but unfortunately they didn't have one, this one is just as gorgeous though.

Have you been hauling lately?


  1. Omg that mirror is gorgeous =]

    1. Thank you Emily, I just had to pick it up :)

  2. Wow! I love the blue floral dress~absolutely stunning!

  3. I love the honey bunny! Eli has the small and large grey ones. I think I like them more than him though!

    Cat x

  4. Love this haul! Think I might need to get myself down to Mac to get some lipsticks. Love the baby tights too. I don't know the brand though - is it a chain?


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