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My 25th Birthday | 25 Things I've Learnt In 25 Years ♥

Fresh flowers are the best thing I can have in my home.
Today is my 25th birthday and I'll be honest, I have woken up in the worst mood. Does anyone else ever get down or cranky on their birthday, or is it just me? I guess I just don't like getting older, also, the fact that my son has been crying constantly since five o' clock this morning hasn't been positive on my mood either! I thought it would be good to reflect on 25 things I've learnt in the 25 years of my life so far, some are good things and some have been painful lessons to learn but hey, that's life isn't it? It can't all be sweetness and light but it also can't be all doom and gloom either. Life is an adventure that needs to be lived to the full and if everything was perfect all the time it'd be a bit boring wouldn't it? Let me share my life wisdom with you all...

Friends are fickle. This has been a really hard lesson for me to learn. I haven't been friends with anyone for more than six years and I also don't have many friends. Maybe I have picked the wrong people and have always found myself in groups of three - the perfect scenario for girls to bitch and back stab against each other in my experience, but I haven't found that true friend it life yet. The one who is always here for a chat or who I have so many things in common with. My best friend comes close but she lives so far away, she needs to move to Cork, soon!

There is no greater love then that of being a mother. The day I became a mother changed my life for the better. The love I feel for my son is the best and most intense love I have ever felt in my life. I always wanted to be a mother and I'm so glad I got this chance in life.

I really like photography. Before I began my blog I didn't really pick up a camera, except to take selfies with friends and group shots on nights out of course. But now I really love photography and can't believe that I didn't discover my love for it before. Capturing peoples memories and the beautiful things in life in pictures is a really special thing to me.

I love floral print too much. Almost everything in my life features floral print. From my bedding to my soft furnishings to my bags, nothing is without floral print. You'll rarely ever catch me out of a floral print dress either, it's become my 'uniform'!

The simplest of adventures can make the best lifelong memories.
Always stick with what you know. This is my motto in life but it's probably one a lot of people won't agree with. I am so set in my ways and know what I like, when I take the plunge and try something new I never like it, I always regret not sticking with what I knew then!

Spring is my favourite season. I had always toyed with what was my favourite season because I honestly like elements from them all. I've finally decided though that spring is the one for me, I mean what's not to like - flowers in bloom, warmer weather, lots of new babies in the world, St. Patrick's Day and Easter, it's the perfect season.

I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and sad. Money has never meant a lot to me and never will. I much prefer memories and special moments with people. It doesn't matter how much money we have, we can always have fun and make the most wonderful memories together.

I'm a home bird. It doesn't matter where I go in the world, I am always long for home. Ireland has my heart and always will.

I'm too forgiving. I have been hurt a lot in life but I always forgive those who hurt me quite easily. It's a trait I can't seem to change and I hate it.

I really do love photography.
I don't judge people readily. I never have and never will judge anyone on their past or what they do in life, I simply get to know them as the person they are.

Love should never be lazy. I've been in relationships that have gone stale from lack of effort, either by me or the other party involved. I've learnt recently that love should never be lazy. If one person stops making an effort there's no point in being together. I will never stay with anyone again just because it's comfortable and convenient.

I really love sleeping. I can never get enough sleep. If I could stay in my bed all day I would. Sadly, I never get the chance!

I live in the past too much. I don't know if it's because I have a history degree or what but I am always thinking about the past, what could have been done differently and how much I'd love to go back. 

I have too much empathy. Other peoples situations have a huge effect on me. I could cry for someone I see on the street or on the news. I feel for people and their situations far too much.

There's no great love than that of being a mother.
Having fresh flowers in my home makes me happy. My house is never without flowers in a pot or a vase. Having fresh flowers in my house really does brighten my mood.

Everything happens for a reason. I'm a big believer in fate and believe that everything in my life has happened for a reason, from the scenarios I've found myself in to the people I've met along the way, I believe that all these things and people were supposed to come into my life to teach me something.

I have an addictive personality. I find myself constantly getting addicted to things and needing as many of them as I possibly can - before it was Yankee Candles, right now it's vintage children's clothing. I don't know why I keep going through these phases but it's something I need to work on, if not only to save me money alone!

It's okay to be myself. I no longer pretend to be someone I'm not, if people don't like me for who I am then that's their loss.

University was the biggest waste of my time. I really don't know why I bothered going. I didn't make any friends, didn't have any great experience and my degree in history and English literature couldn't be more useless.

Spring is my favourite season.
There's nothing that a warm bath, a glass of white wine and a bar of chocolate can't fix. This combo really does solve all the worlds problems... or mine at least. Now I'm longing for all three.

'Me time' is essential. Being a mother to a toddler it's hard to find the time to do all the things I love without him being in tow. I now make the effort for me to have some time to myself, it's essential to keep me sane!

People will always let you down. It's a sad fact in life but people will always let you down, even if they don't intentionally mean to.

Fairytale love is not realistic. Disney has lied to us all, love will never be like you see in fairytales purely because humans have flaws that can't be fixed. 

Never have expectations about anything. If you do it will only lead to disappointment. I find if I go into a situation not expecting anything then I have a far better time. I try not to think of things beforehand now and just go with the flow.

The simplest of adventures can make the best lifelong memories. My son and I always have the best adventures together, even if we don't go to the most exciting places. It really is the simple things in life that leave the best impressions in the mind.

There you have it, 25 things I've learnt in 25 years. Is there anything you agree with or have experienced in life too?



  1. Lovely post, the thing I most love about getting older is becoming more comfortable with yourself and caring less about what people think, I wasted so much time on that when I was younger. I agree with the friends thing too but I always prefer quality over quantity!

    1. Thank you so much for reading. Yes, it's so refreshing learning to love yourself and be confident and not care about what other people think as we get older. Yes quality over quantity is so much more important.

  2. This post was one of the best I have read in some time. You really laid it all out and that is great to be so truthful with yourself and others.

  3. Happy Birthday - love this post -agree with the me time one!


  4. Happy Birthday! I wish I knew that much when I was 25.

  5. Happy birthday! I'm 25 too and I completely agree with you but you're luckier than me; cause you have an adorable son! :)

  6. Happy Birthday! :) Really like this post, I can relate to most of it. I live in the past too much as well and forgive people who have hurt me too easily, trying hard to change that. And I totally agree with your view on love and relationships, it's a two way street and should never be lazy.

  7. Lovely post. Happy birthday!

  8. Amazing post! I'm 21 and I think that I wast my time on the university too. Happy Birthday :)

  9. Happy birthday Fi, that is such a lovely, honest post, I really enjoyed reading it xx

  10. Happy happy Birthday + many more to come :)

  11. Love this post, I can relate with so many of Ur points, particularly liked Ur phrase about love should never be lazy!! Also totally agree in things happening for a reason! Hope ur day improved hun and U had a lovely birthday xx

  12. my favorite? There is NO greater love then being a mother. THAT is what I have learned... I love my kids more then anything anything anything....

    Thank you !:) xoxox

  13. Happy Birthday! Beautiful posts and beautiful photos, I've really enjoyed it :) I aint a mother yet, but I can't wait to feel that love :)

  14. Happy Birthday - you are my birthday twin (except I turned 23 :D )

  15. Such a lovely post Fiona. I actually can't believe you're only 25 as you seem a much older, wiser soul if that makes sense?! ( You LOOK 25 of course, I just mean you seem wise beyond your years!) You've learned some very worthwhile lessons in your 25 years and I'm sure the next 25 will be full of more still.
    I share so many of your thoughts here I couldn't begin to list them all! xx

  16. Definitely agree with you on not judging others and that love should never be lazy!

    Happy birthday to you! :]

  17. Great post and beautiful photos! Love it!
    Happy Birthday, Fiona!:)

  18. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day! I totally agree with you last point! simple really is the best and its been some of my best memories aswell :) x

  19. This is lovely Fiona & I can certainly relate to most of it other than motherhood. Sadly it wasn't to be for me and it's only now that I'm in my 50s that it's hit me. I'm a realistic, practical & logical kind of person & it's recently dawned on me that in 26 years when I'm my parent's age, I won't have a 'me' to do all the heavy work, odd jobs, shopping, driving to doctor's appointments, cooking, laundry, gardening etc. The list is endless and I don't know what's going to happen or how I'll be able to cope. That's a really scary thought.

  20. Fairytale love is not realistic, I agree!!! Love, the real one, is not a miracle! love is built day by day, mistake by mistake, conquest by conquest!

  21. Happy Birthday! I had my first baby at 25. Your boy looks like the sweetest little lamb.

  22. Happy Birthday! I like your blog post and the one about finding true friends is so hard to do. My best friend is my sister-it seems that most of my family are my friends. I lost tough over the years with a lot of people, but I guess that happens. I love Spring too! It is my favorite season.

  23. I also feel that I can't get enough sleep. Somehow the reality is happier than dreams (because of my families), so to wake up is the best choice I've ever made! :)

  24. A very happy belated happy birthday to you Dear! May you live long and enjoy your life to the fullest!

    Love XoxoX

  25. happy belated birthday fiona, what a lovely but thought provoking post xx

  26. oh Happy Birthday to you ! Best wishes
    such an amazing honest post it

  27. Belated happy birthday. :) I think you have learnt an awful lot in so few years and there is so much for you to experience. I'm like you I forgive easily and a few people have told me Im a mug (I trust too easily ) but after 45 years of being me I prefer to trust a little and be happily surprised when people dont let me down than to be jaded. I too am not a big fan of birthdays I love other peoples birthdays but for me it isnt a big deal

  28. Happy Belated Birthday Honey! Many of your points are truly great wisdom. I like floral patterns far too much also and having fresh flowers in my house always makes me happy. I believe we can never be to empathetic. I just means we're highly sensitive to peoples' situations and feelings. Also, having a small group of great friends is way better and fulfilling than having a large group of acquaintances. You're a wise girly for your "old" age.

  29. one of the things i learned in my 22 years
    appreciate the people around you
    dont push them away


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