Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Loving Lately: The Toddler Edition ♥

Once again I'm back with a round-up of gorgeous items all things toddler that Tyler Lee and I have been loving lately. He really is such a lucky boy getting so many toys, clothes and other goodies on quite a regular basis but I really can't help but spoil him. After the miscarriage I suffered in February I realised that I need to make the most of this time with Tyler Lee while he is still small and wanting cuddles from his daddy and I, independent but not too old for his babyish ways and I want him to enjoy every moment he can with his father and I whilst it is just the three of us. Having said that, the toy issue is becoming a bit too much and the hoarding of baby clothes since he was born so this week we rounded up all the baby toys and have put them away and gave away the majority of his old clothes, my heart broke a bit seeing them go but it's great to have some space in the house. Let me show you some things Tyler Lee and I have been loving for toddlers this week.

 1. The Skoot. When I saw this on the Worlds Apart website I thought it was just the coolest thing going! I actually thought it was just a ride on scooter but no, it's luggage too, perfect for little ones to take on their travels. Tyler Lee has the blue skoot and I love the colour, it's a gorgeous soft blue which looks lovely in his room. He likes to sit on the skoot while he's watching cartoons and scoots across the wooden floor on it. This will be a great product to take with us on next years travels as it's a perfect size for plane hand luggage, will keep him entertained and has a detachable strap too so his daddy and I can easily carry it around. You can find the Skoot in a variety of colours on the Worlds Apart website and purchase on Amazon for £39.99.

2. Baby leggings. I seriously cannot get enough of baby leggings and I keep finding new shops and designs to choose from on Instagram - I really need to stay off there! Tyler Lee has six more pairs coming to him from three different stores based in Australia and America and I really can't wait to get them on him. Pictured above is one pair he's expecting from Urban Mum Shop based in Australia, this and the other pair which he's getting from them are too popular and are always sold out so I've had to wait for the shop owner to get the fabric back in and do a custom order in size 2T. I love the crown print, perfect for my little prince and the colour is just perfect for autumn. You can find these leggings at Urban Mum Shop.

 3. Zebra Trampoline With Sounds. This is a new addition to Tyler Lee's garden toys and hopefully the good weather will come back so that he can actually play on it. My active little toddler loves to jump on anything he possibly can so this was a great addition to his outdoor toys. I think the zebra design is super cute and it's really sturdy, even on our pebble-stoned garden so it won't topple over while he's on it. The great thing about this trampoline is that the zebra says 'boing' everytime Tyler Lee bounces on it and he thinks it's hilarious! What I love about this zebra trampoline also is that it's not big or bulky and is light-weight so can be easily used indoors also on rainy days, perfect for keeping my little one occupied and happy bouncing away! The Zebra Trampoline With Sounds is also from Worlds Apart and can be purchased via Amazon for £39.99.

4. Clothing bargains. Is there anything better as a parent then spending an absolute fortune on your children's clothes whenever you can? Lets face it, they grow so quickly and sometimes you just don't get the wear out of the clothes for the price you pay. Luckily Tyler Lee is moving into 18-24 months now which means we're coming to the end of our baby clothes sizes and will be moving into 2-3 years, clothes that will last a whole year, yay! Having said that he still fits some 9-12 month clothes so I can't complain really. I recently went on the hunt for a new winter jacket for him and couldn't find any nice duffle coats in his size, everything was small baby. I was disheartened and really didn't want to buy him a normal padded coat which I could pick up anywhere so I was delighted when I came across a website called Ruby and Kitty which sells design and boutique children's clothing at amazing prices. I discovered this Rachel Riley duffle coat in sea blue and fell in love, I just had to get it for Tyler Lee and picked it up in size 2T so it will last him ages. This was a complete bargain too at just £42.60 knocked down from £142, amazing, that's 70% off!

 5. Baby Moos Bibs. I think everyone knows by now how much I love dressing my boy in star print so when I found these three star print bibs on the Baby Moo's website I couldn't help but get them. They came beautifully packaged too in star print cellophane and ribbon, I loved that touch. These bandana bibs are super soft and have fleece lining to keep little ones chests dry and safe from dribbles. I love the design and these are a great little accessory for Tyler Lee, they were just £3.99 each too. I will say, however, that I ordered a black star bib to match some of the clothes I've gotten him for autumn/winter and was sent a purple bib, I was a little disappointed at this as the black was my favourite.You can find these star print bandana bibs and view other designs available on the Baby Moos website.

 6. The PL Child range. Tyler Lee is beginning playgroup in January (my hearts breaking a little at the thought of it!) and he needs a little backpack to keep a snack and a change of clothes in so when the lovely people at Pink Lining asked if we'd like to sample something from their PL Child range I couldn't help but say yes, the designs are amazing! I instantly fell in love with the Knights and Dragons rucksack and was delighted when they had it in the smaller size for my boy. This is such a gorgeous bag, the print is amazing and so eye-catching, it's so unique to other rucksacks and children's designs. The quality, as always with Pink Lining, is amazing too. He also got some gorgeous applique pictures for his room featuring the owl and the pussycat and the cow who jumped over the moon. Both pictures are framed on a coloured gingham background which is a lovely touch. I've made no secret of my love for anything which has to do with children's stories, fairytales or rhymes so I just love these. I can't decide where to put them in his room though, hang them on the wall or have them on his dresser, opinions welcome! You can browse more of the PL Child range on the Pink Lining website.


  1. I love that you have a trampoline. I want to get one for C but haven't found one locally. Thanks for the link, maybe I can find something through that company, via Amazon. And I adore Tyler's stylish clothes.

  2. Love the trampoline! Definitely adding one to my toddler playroom wish list!

  3. I just saw the Skoot for the first time last week, and I'm mesmerized by it! We're going to Europe next year, and I think it might be the thing that little miss needs to get us through our travels quickly. Also, that toggle coat is GORGEOUS!

  4. I am hiding my cards right now. The Skoot? How fantastic is that? Maxi's birthday is coming up in October and I am considering buying it for him. I will also have a look at the bibs. Always looking for new bibs, we go through them like crazy in our house.


  5. Wow, what lovely items. I have just popped the Scoot down on Archie's Christmas list- yes I have already started shopping hehe ;-) xxx

  6. you bought the cuttest things ever, but the Zebra Trampoline With Sounds ismy fave by far! :)) Love it


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