Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Autumn & Winter Toddler Boys Clothes Bargains ♥

I really could help share with you all the recent clothing bargains which I've gotten for autumn and winter for Tyler Lee, the site I got them from is one I've used a good few times now and I've never had a problem, it's AliExpress. I think you can buy almost anything on AliExpress but I only pick up bargain clothes and accessories for Tyler Lee as they're so cheap and exactly the same as clothing offered in stores such as Next, only at a fraction of the cost. I'm all about saving the pennies! I also spotted some 'shops' on Instagram selling clothes from AliExpress but charging more than double for them, absolutely outrageous! This spurred me on to go and source the pieces myself and I've saved a fortune. Last year I got Tyler Lee's gorgeous knitted owl hats on there and we got so many compliments on them and people asking where I got them, they were just €1.62 each too with free postage - yes, even more good news, sellers on AliExpress are now sending purchases free via registered post! The sellers I've bought from have been based in mainland China and Hong Kong and it takes between nine and twenty days for items to arrive but I'm happy to wait. Here are the bargains I've picked up lately, they all arrived this week too.

 Denim star print dungarees. I was hoping the quality of these denim dungarees would be good and I wasn't disappointed, they're great! I only have one problem, I think they may be a bit too big for Tyler Lee but I'll try rolling up the ends. I think they're super cute and I really can't resist anything with stars as you probably all know by now! These were €9.05 - bargain!

 Knitted viking hat. Jacek has a bit of a penchant for all things viking so I could resist getting this cute little viking hat for Tyler Lee. I think it's supposed to be a photo prop but I'll be putting it on him when we're out and about this autumn and winter. It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be but it still fits, it's so adorable, I love it. This hat was just €3.91.

 Knitted puppy hat. Tyler Lee loves puppies and is in love with his PupPup comforter so I thought it was only fitting that I got him a puppy hat to match. The quality of this hat is fantastic and I love that it's in a similar style to his owl ones from last year (which still fit - yay!). The ears on it are floppy and it has an adorable little patch on one of the puppy's eyes, it's so sweet. This hat was €6.89.

 Cat design pants. I love grey on Tyler Lee and I love anything cute so when I saw these cat design pants, which feature the cats face on the bum part I just had to get them. These will be cute with a little jumper and are so soft that they'll be comfy for him to run around in as well as keeping him warm. These were €5.73 and are also available in black.
Star print harem pants. Again with the stars! These are so comfy for my boy to run around in and I love the design, they'll look great with his band t-shirts. These are also available in a royal blue colour and I think I might have to invest! These pants in particular were very similar to something I saw in Next last season but are less than half price of what they were charging, it's the same thing so I can't justify spending more. These were €6.96.

I have so many other bargains in my wishlist on AliExpress but I need to have a proper clean out of Tyler Lee's old clothes before I can invest in some more because his chest of drawers and wardrobe is full of clothes at the moment. I love buying clothes for a new season though, bring on autumn and winter because I can't wait to have my boy sporting his lovely new pieces.


  1. I'm in love with the stars! Those overalls are way too cute!

    1. Thank you Victoria, I'm in love with them, can't wait to see my boy in them :)

  2. Tyler is always styling, so I'm not surprised at the assortment of cute clothes you scored! So adorable!

  3. I've looked at that site but I was too wary to order, great to know that they are reliable! I love Next but definitely not when I have to buy 2 of everything! x

  4. I love every bottom you listed. I can picture your cute little guy with all his curls rocking that hat!

  5. I love these clothes! Tyler is one stylish kiddo. I want those overalls!

  6. Tyler is the most well dressed baby ever! You've got a great eye for these things Fiona! xo

  7. Love the dungarees. That is one lucky boy. I can help wishing they made this stuff in adult sizes!

  8. Nice picks! I've heard of AliExpress and I too found many items that other sites sell for at least double the price.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  9. I've never heard of this site but I love some of those bits so i'!m off for a browse. Thank you for sharing x


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