Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MAC - Lovelorn ♥

 I've made no secret of my love for MAC lipsticks and I wanted to show you all one I've been wearing recently as I think it's quite a nice shade for summer and one that is perfect for everyday wear, this is 'Lovelorn'. This shade is a rosy, cool toned blue-pink which I think is quite noticeable in the lip swatches. I was instantly drawn to this shade when I swatched it in my local MAC store and I just had to add it to my collection. Lovelorn is such a natural, almost demure shade, it's pink but not Barbie pink and definitely not in your face, it's quite a sophisticated shade really and is one which I think is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you're a fan of pink lipsticks like me. 

Lovelorn is a lustre formula lipstick, not my favourite formula from MAC as I find it fades very quickly on my lips but I know some people absolutely rave about MAC lustre lipsticks so hopefully some of you out there may be a fan too. This lipstick has a sheer finish thanks to the lustre formula but it is quite buildable as you can see from my lip swatches. I always go over my lips several times with the stick as I like a really deep colour on my lips. Lovelorn also has a shiny finish which I'm a personal fan of when it comes to lipsticks, anything not to have to wear gloss!

Overall, I do love this lipstick even though it is a lustre (yes, I even surprised myself with that one!) the colour is so pretty and quite natural, something which I want in an everyday lipstick and I think it suits my skin tone quite well even though I'm sallow skined and blue-pink toned lipsticks usually suit lighter skintones. The only downside is the staying power but I guess if you're someone who likes to reapply their lipstick several times a day to keep their lips moisturised then Lovelorn would be perfect for you. I shall be wearing this shade a lot through the summer months.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Yesss!I have that shade and i love it!

  2. Looks like a lovely colour *-* I'll have to had it to my Mac lipsticks wishlist :)

    1. It's a gorgeous shade, definitely add it to your wish list :)

  3. Looks like a really great shade, I'll need to try it :-)

  4. this lipstick looks lovely!

    I've tried a couple of MAC lip glosses but never a lipstick. is it quite moisturising?

  5. definitely a shade i'd wear!

    lovely post | Zofia x

  6. loving the colour of this mac lipstick its a perfect shade of pink x
    loving the blog btw.


  7. This lipstick looks great on you :)

  8. I dont own that lipstick and I definitely need it in my collection.


  9. Yes I have that shade Its one of mine favourite shade of mac <3


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