Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Fun4Kids - Tiny Bike ♥

With summer fast approaching it's time to get the children outside and playing on all their fun outdoor toys. Tyler Lee recently got his first bike, Fun4Kids Tiny Bike in the gorgeous light blue colour. This was such a big deal for us as getting a bike, no matter what the size is the first milestone of a child learning how to be active and learn new skills whilst spending time outdoors, we were delighted when the Tiny Bike arrived and couldn't wait to get him out on it. The Tiny Bike comes in a wide range of colours but the light blue really caught my eye. The Tiny Bike really is tiny, it's such a sweet little bike and the perfect size for two to four year olds to learn how to ride a bike and teach them the basics for any bigger bikes they may have in their life such as balance and co-ordination. The Tiny Bike allows children to practice balance naturally and I've already seen Tyler Lee practicing his balance on his bike, of course, he's still too young to ride on his own but he loves scooting himself along on it with his feet on the ground.

The Tiny Bike features a robust frame in just the same style as a normal sized bike but without the peddles.It has two griped handlebars, gripped foot rests and unique wide rubber compound tyres which make for a smooth and silent ride. The wheels are spoke-free too which is great for avoiding harm to curious small little fingers! The bike is so light too which makes it easy for little ones to move around on their own whilst learning how to ride and move the handlebars.

As you can see from the above pictures Tyler Lee absolutely loves his Tiny Bike. He loves being pushed around on it and I think he'll be flying around on it on his own in no time at all. The Tiny Bike is small enough to fit in the boot of a car too with plenty of space left over so it's perfect for any family days out this summer. This bike is so great and is quickly turning into my boys favourite toy, I love to see him whizzing around on it. I think the Tiny Bike is the perfect accessory for little ones this summer as it gets them outside in the fresh air whilst having fun and being active. I think it would also be a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift for a child too as it's so reasonably priced and really is a lot of fun!

The Tiny Bike is available from the Fun4Kids website and is £49.95.  Fun4Kids offer free delivery within the UK and ship to the Europe Union for a very reasonable charge, to deliver to Ireland was just £10.

Fun4Kids have very kindly offered one of my lucky blog readers the chance to win a Tiny Bike in a colour of their choice. This giveaway is open to residents of the European Union. Best of luck to everyone who enters!



  1. That is so cute and he looks so happy :)

    1. Isn't it? I love how teeny he is. He loves it! :)

  2. I love these balance bikes - great to help children learn to ride! And these are so cute too!

  3. That baby blue is irresistible. It'd be a gift for one of my friends baby, so either the blue or pink.
    Your little guy looks too cute on it!!


  4. Omg he is soooo gorgeous. My little boy is 12 weeks so not quite ready for a bike lol but will definitely check them out when he is :-)
    Jen x

  5. I love the light blue and the purple. So beautiful!

  6. would have to be pink. My LO Jennifer would adore this

  7. Would love the red one as it would match his little red wooden car :]


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