Tuesday, May 06, 2014

How To Prepare Your Child For Nursery ♥

 When your baby or toddler starts nursery, you will without a doubt be more nervous than they are. Leaving our children behind when we have had them with us exclusively for any amount of time is guaranteed to make us feel guilty and of course we will miss them terribly. Your little one on the other hand will be having so much fun they'll barely have time to miss you at all. So what can you do to help prepare for your child starting nursery?

Visit the Nursery

 Visit the nursery together. Nurseries usually offer trial days where you can spend a little while with your child in the nursery setting getting to see what they do and how your child responds. Another day you might leave them in the nursery on their own for an hour, then leave them for a half day, and so on until they (and you) are used to being separated.

What You'll Need

 Your chosen nursery will tell you what you need to bring with you each day. Some supply everything from nappies to food, others expect you to bring a little bag with nappies, wipes, a spare set of clothes and any meals required throughout the day.

You'll find that an extra set of clothes are the one thing you should always pack for children who attend nursery. It goes without saying that babies have numerous accidents throughout the day that necessitate a change of clothes, but older babies and toddlers will also be getting dirty during messy play, cooking and all kinds of other activities. Little boys in particular are famed for being mucky pups so an extra set of baby boy clothes in their nursery bag is a great idea. Luckily baby boy clothes from George are such great value that you will be able to ensure you always have a spare set ready in their bag.

Settling In

 Helping your little one to settle in at nursery is easy with a little forward planning. They will be less stressed on arrival at nursery if it hasn't been a mad dash to get there because you were running late, so make sure you set your alarm ready to get up on time on nursery days. Being a little bit early will mean that you don't have to dash off the second you're through the door of the nursery and can take five minutes to settle your little one in for the day.

Being Prepared

 Who hasn't arrived at nursery without forgetting the nursery bag or the fancy dress outfit you'd been told they'd need for the day? We've all done it and it doesn't get any better when they start school either. But trying to make sure you have everything ready the night before will help your little one feel more secure as they'll be starting the day off without any upheaval, stress or worry.

You'll find that with a little planning, your child will settle into nursery in no time. It's a wonderful place for young children to make friends and interact with each other, so you certainly won't regret them spending time there – once you’ve got over the initial heartbreak (yours, not theirs!) that is!


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  1. It's a place to make a friends so it's perfect! :)


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