Saturday, April 05, 2014

The First Taste Of Independence ♥

It was such a lovely sunny spring day and I was doing a spot of baking having picked up some delicious ingredients during our weekly food shop and I was trying to satisfy my spontaneous onset of the baking bug. The kitchen became so hot that I had to open our sliding doors to let a bit of breeze run through the house, of course my little escape artist saw this as his perfect opportunity to slip out the door head and hands first and venture into the big wide world that is our back garden. I wanted to see what he does when I'm not looking so I carefully snuck behind the long curtain that hangs by our sliding doors and watched every move he made, him not knowing I was looking all along.

He crawled, climbed, picked up pebbles and felt the plants, he's such a curious little boy. He giggled with delighted, enjoying his freedom, not knowing that my apron strings (excuse the pun) were still attached to him all along. He took an interest in his rocking horse and even managed to sit on it by himself, side-saddle my little cowboy! I love this natural shots I got of him doing what he does best - being an adventurous little toddler. I love the sunlight catching his golden curls and the looks of concentration on his face as he made his way around the paving stones. Funnily enough he kept looking in my direction, perhaps he sensed my presence watching him. After awhile he crawled in the doors with a look of satisfaction on his face, he had his first taste of freedom and total independence and I think he liked it.



  1. Ohh my gosh that first picture!!
    He's so precious.
    Great shots! What a cutie for sneakin' out. c;


  2. Es un niño muy bonito

  3. He is so cute:)
    He reminds me of my brother, he was curious too, we always had fun with him:)

  4. The third picture is awesome!)
    Cute little boy!:)

  5. Beautiful boy i like his blond curls :) :)

  6. indipendence is so important)

  7. The cutest curious boy!)


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