Monday, April 07, 2014

Redken - Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer & Blow Dry Two Day Extender ♥

 Everyone knows that great hairstyles usually begin with a great blow dry and Redken are ensuring that everyone can have a fabulous blow dry experience with the launch of their Pillow Proof range which includes two great products - a Blow Dry Express Primer and a Blow Dry Two Day Extender. This duo comes in very eye-catching hot pink packaging which I love, lets be honest who doesn't love pink? The Blow Dry Express Primer is my favourite product that I've ever tried from the Redken range, I normally let my hair just dry naturally as it takes so long to blow dry but with the Blow Dry Express Primer my hair dries quickly and with a gorgeous smooth finish, in fact, after using this product I don't have to use the hair straighteners which is a big plus for my hair. This product is supposed to provide lasting volume for 24 hours and although I don't really get this as my hair is notoriously flat with it being so fine, my hair does stay straight and styled even after a nights sleep. This product also has the benefit of protecting hair from heat and breakage which makes it three times stronger, healthier hair and I can honestly see this effect on my hair since I began using this product. I may even go as far and say that this could be one of my holy grail hair products, I simply love it, not only does it save me styling time it also has had an amazing effect on my hair.

The Blow Dry Two Day Extender is actually Redken's bestselling Powder Refresh 01 dry shampoo repackaged and given a new name. Powder Refresh 01 is a product which I have previously reviewed on the blog and is a product which I was very impressed with, it actually ignited my love for dry shampoo. Blow Dry Two Day Extender is great for refreshing your style, adding texture to the hair and prolonging your blow dry. You can read my review of Powder Refresh 01 here.

Once again Redken have delivered fantastic quality hair products which live up to their tagline - 'Get it fast, make it last' and which also work well for my hair and last for quite a long time too making theme great value for money. I highly recommend the Pillow Proof range and shall be investing in the Blow Dry Express Primer again when I have used up my current bottle. Both Pillow Proof products are  €19.20 and are available from all Redken stockists within Ireland which can be found here.

Stay pretty people!



  1. Nice discovery!
    thank you for the review!
    I didn t know this product!
    Have a great week!

    1. You're welcome Helena, thanks for reading :)

  2. This looks like such a great product idea for those that blow dry their hair or straighten it! My hair makes me look like a lion when I blow dry it so I prefer to let it dry naturally most of the time! xx

    Mapped Out

    1. These are fab products for those who like to heat style their hair, as I said I usually let mine dry naturally too but these are great when I want to put a bit of effort into my hair styling :)


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