Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Body Shop - Lightening Touch Radiance Shade 00 & 05 ♥

As part of the Cork Beauty Bloggers Meet-Up event in December last I received a very generous goodie bag from The Body Shop Ireland which contained some fabulous products including two of their Lightening Touch Radiance pens which were released as part of their XM13 collection. I received shade 00, a very light shade with a pink coloured base and a slight shimmer which in my opinion is perfect for highlighting the face, especially the cheekbones although The Body Shop Ireland regard Lightening Touch Radiance to be a concealer. I apply shade 00 under my cheekbones and I find it enhances whatever blusher I'm wear and is great for creating a subtle contour on my face. I couldn't use shade 00 as a concealer as it's simply too light for my skin, I have sallow skin with yellow tones so something with a beige/brown coloured base is more appropriate for me. You can see how light shade 00 is in the pictures below. Shade 05 is a much darker shade with golden brown tones. I find this shade to be perfect for hiding a multitude of sins on my face. It acts as a fabulous concealer and I use it daily to hide the dark circles under my eyes (I'm a mammy, a role which doesn't come with many lie ins!). The Body Shop Ireland state that this Lightening Touch Radiance pen is perfect for improving the appearance of fine lines so it's great for more mature skin too.

I love how easy this product is to use, you simply twist the end and the liquid concealers come out of a soft brush top, it reminds me of some Quo lipglosses I used to have back in the day. The packaging is super sleek too and not too bulky, perfect for carrying in your everyday makeup bag for touch-ups during the day. Lightening Touch Radiance contains light illuminating particles which I think give a great benefit to my skin. As you can see in the picture below my skin looks like it has a great healthy glow and the dark circles under my eyes have been significantly reduced, I seriously love Lightening Touch Radiance shade 05 and it's name is super appropriate! I usually wear this product under my foundation but as I didn't want to take a picture of me with no make up on (no one deserves that punishment!) I decided to wear it on top of my foundation but you know what, it blends like a dream and isn't noticeable on top of it at all, win! I really do love Lightening Touch and can't big it up enough. I really do hope The Body Shop Ireland release this product again soon, once a year just isn't enough for such a fantastic concealer!

Did you pick up Lightening Touch Radiance from The Body Shop during the festive season? What were your thoughts on it?

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