Sunday, February 02, 2014

Pari Beauty Mineral Perfection ♥

I love trying out new makeup brands, especially those I've never heard of before and Pari Beauty is no exception. I had never come across this Canadian cosmetics brand before but was so excited to try it out as I know the quality of Canadian cosmetics is superb. I am now using the Pari Beauty Mineral Perfection Foundation on a daily basis. The product itself looks so classic and luxe, a mirrored compact which contains three compartments inside - a mirror, the foundation itself and a makeup sponge. I love the look of it all, to me it's so old fashioned and something which I could imagine an old Hollywood starlet popping in her designer clutch for a night out. The shade I'm using is 'Medium Beige', a perfect shade for me as I have yellow tones to my skin, I always plump for a 'beige' shade when it comes to foundations.

 Mineral Perfection is a mineral cream to powder foundation and I was quite worried about how blendable this would be as I haven't had the best of luck with foundations like this before, ones which you apply with a wet sponge, but I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. The foundation blends quite well into the skin and doesn't appear patchy at all. It's quite soft feeling on the skin and gives a flawless looking appearance - what more could a girl ask for from a foundation? I've had fabulous wear out of this foundation too, it's long-lasting only getting oily around my nose area after about five hours of wear, I have this problem with all foundations I wear though and this is easily fixed by applying some powder in the afternoon. Mineral Perfection is claimed to instantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face but as I don't have any yet I can't say whether this is true, although from the pictures I have looked up the results look amazing on older skin! Pari Mineral Perfection contains two active ingredients - dermaxyl delivers anti-ageing and skin repair benefits, smoothes wrinkles by preventing and fighting their formation in terms of skin depth, stimulating cellular communication using peptide messengers that repair age related skin damage and collagen tripeptide firms the skin’s extra cellular Matrix, thus reducing the depth of main wrinkles improving the condition of fine lines and crow’s feet - sounds amazing right? What I like about this foundation is that it's quite natural looking, giving a flawless complexion without being over-obvious on the skin. It's very light and doesn't even feel as though you're wearing makeup which makes it a great base for all your other makeup, I love this as I think of it as being kinder to my pores! I would highly recommend Pari Beauty Mineral Perfection, it's a great everyday foundation and I adore the look of the product too, it's a stylish one to have as part of any makeup collection.

Just Pari Beauty Mineral Foundation (without flash).
Full face of makeup (without flash).
Full face of makeup (with flash).
Pari Beauty Cosmetics are now being distributed in Ireland by a fabulous makeup artist Rachel Murphy Makeup. Rachel's advice when it comes to makeup is - “Spend your money on a good foundation. If your foundation looks bad it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your makeup is, it won’t even be noticed as all they will focus on is your bad base" and I whole-heartily agree with her. Pari Beauty Mineral Perfection is €33 and is available from the Rachel Murphy Makeup website. 

Stay pretty people!



  1. I like the flawless looking appearance into the skin!!!very nice!!

    1. Yes it gives a great flawless finish Simona. Thank you :)

  2. great post.. loved the way u expressed the application n it looks really fab on u

  3. I've never tried this brand... As i love mineral cosmetic i think i should try it :) Thanks for sharing


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