Friday, January 31, 2014

White Chocolate, Raspberry & Mascarpone Cheesecake ♥

One of the goals on my bucket list form 2014 is to bake something at least once every two weeks so you can be guaranteed to see some tasty treats appearing on the blog this year and today's recipe is incredibly delicious - white chocolate, raspberry and mascarpone cheesecake. I love the sweetness of the chocolate against the tart taste of the raspberries, the mascarpone makes the topping so creamy, it really is heavenly. Everybody loved this and you get eight generous slices out of one cheesecake so there's plenty for all. Tyler Lee even had a sneaky indulgence in this and ate all of Jacek's slice of cheesecake, at least I know my recipe was tasty enough for him! This recipe is super simple and it involves no actually baking so there's no chance of anything going wrong. This is the perfect indulgent treat to enjoy after a stressful busy week, remember desserts is stressed backwards so why not enjoy this mouth-watering cheesecake?

300g cream cheese
250g mascarpone cheese 
300ml double cream
500g digestive biscuits
Two 300g white chocolate bars
Two punnets of raspberries
Three scoops of butter

1. Crush the biscuits in a food processor. Add butter to the crushed biscuits.

2. Put the biscuit mixture into a spring-form tin and pat until flat all over. Leave to set in the fridge for half an hour.

3. Begin melting the white chocolate in a glass bowl over a heating saucepan.

4. Mix the mascarpone, cream cheese and double cream in a food mixer. When smooth add in the white chocolate and stir. Fold in some raspberries, leave the rest for decoration.

5. Pour the mixture into your spring-form tin on top of the biscuit base. Use the back of a spoon to smooth out the mixture making sure the top is quite flat. Decorate the top as you wish with the leftover raspberries.

6. Leave to cool in the fridge until the topping is set.

7. Serve, eat, enjoy!



  1. This looks soo yummy mmmm I will have to make it.
    Mybeautysleuth x

  2. Oh my! Your cheesecake looks soooo good!!

  3. What a great, simple recipe! I'll definitely be trying this!!

  4. Oh wow this looks amazing!! I think I just actually dribbled a little bit!! x

  5. That looks so delicious! I can only make simple cakes - I think a cheesecake is a little too advanced for me!

    Josephine Jade Xx

  6. I think I'll try make this for Valentines!

  7. Yep. I am totally making this.

  8. This looks so yummy! I love cheese cake!

  9. This looks lovely! Thank you for sharing xx

  10. Looks delish! I started baking again this year and find it so relaxing!

  11. Gorgeous cheesecake..I need an easy dessert to go with the rest of my mom's birthday menu next month. This is perfect..

  12. oh good God that looks gorgeous, yum,

  13. This looks delicious, i love raspberry!! I will follow the suggestion. ;)

  14. I want to try this! Thanks so much for linking!

  15. omg yummy for the tummy!!! :)~~

  16. omg, I want iiiiittt. eeerrrr, so mouth watering

  17. mmmm.....very good thanks.....

  18. looks really scrummy ~ raspberries are my favorite berries at the moment


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