Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Bucket List 2014 ♥

For years I've wanted to do a Bucket List and for 2014 I decided to compile a list of fifty things which I want to achieve before January 1st 2015. These are also things which I've wanted to achieve for awhile and I'm determined to make 2014 the year to get these things done. If I achieve something I shall cross it off my list and see how well I've done with completing my list on New Yeas Eve 2014. I've decided to make a Bucket List every year as I think it'll be quite motivating when I do eventually get to cross things off. Wish me luck with this one for the coming year!

1 .Holiday outside of Europe.
2. Take my son to swimming lessons.
3. Visit the Cliffs of Moher.
4. Lose weight. (Done May 2014)
5. Have date night with my fiance once a month.
6. Make progress with my son's scrapbook. (Done 01/01/14)
7. Learn to sew.
8. Bake a cake or dessert at least once every two weeks.
9. Visit Dublin.
10. Write more letters.
11. Have dinner out more.
12. Be more creative with my cooking.
13. Take a picture of my son everyday for a year.
14. Get a new laptop. (Done June 2014)
15. Have more nights out with the girls.
16. Take my son to the beach. (Done 25/02/14)
17. Visit the Channel Islands again. (Done June 2014)
18. Find a signature parfum.
19. Die my hair blue. (Done 14/01/14)
20. Have a spa day.
21.Get a new lipstick with Back To MAC.
22. Get a fringe and like it. (Done 15/02/14)
23. Watch the sun setting on a beach.
24. Have a picnic. (Done June 2014)
25. Make something for my home. (Done October 2014)
26. Move house.
27. Visit Spike Island.
28. Learn more Irish and Polish.
29. Read at least 15 books in full. (Done October 2014)
30. Get HD brows again.
31. Print out all my sons baby pictures.
32. Buy a Yankee candle.(Done 21/01/14)
33. Give up chocolate for Lent.
34. Swim in the sea. (Done June 2014)
35. Go to a Yoga class.
36. Have a bath in candle light. (Done 04/01/14)
37. Surprise my fiance.
38. Improve my blog.
39. Keep a dream diary.
40. Take my son to Fota Wildlife Park. (Done 02/03/14)
41. Enjoy my birthday. (Done 09/03/14)
42. Organise a blogger meet up. (Done 12/07/14)
43. Make a new friend. (Done 18/01/14)
44. Have a takeaway night.(Done 18/01/14)
45. Take my son to the playground every week.
46. See fireworks.
47. Take my son to feed the ducks. (Done May 2014)
48. Drink champagne. (Done 01/01/14)
49. Do something nice for Valentine's Day(Done 14/02/14)
50. Buy new soft furnishings for my home. (Done 15/02/14)

Do you have a bucket list? Is there something you really want to achieve in 2014?



  1. I love these type of lists! I made one not so long ago, but it ended up being more like a ten year list, it was about thirty pages long! It's a good idea to do a yearly one, I might try that :)

    1. Me too, I'm glad I've finally made one! Let me know if you make a yearly one :)

  2. Oh great idea for a blog post. Considering the year I've had I might just do one of these myself.


    1. Thank you for reading Sinead! I hope next year is a better one for you.

  3. Oh I love doing those lists, I need to sit down and have a think about my 2014 goals :) I'm with you on the Yankee candle ;) xo

    1. Let me know if you make a list Louise. Love candles, need a Yankee candle, they smell delicious :)

  4. Love your list! This year was really my year of bucket lists with me traveling. I'm not sure what I want to get out of 2014 just yet...guess ill have to wait and see :) xxx


    1. Thanks Kathleen. Oh I'd say you had a fab bucket list for the year, hope 2014 is just as great for you! :)

  5. I love this idea! And I'm with you on number 22 especially, need one to cover my wrinkles!

    1. Thank you for reading Vicki! I need one to cover my big forehead so we're both in the same boat really! ;)


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