Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MAC - 'Sunny Seoul' ♥

It's very rarely that I become infatuated with a beauty product but when I do I absolutely need to have it. I was recently browsing through the MAC section of the Brown Thomas website, I know, I know, why would I do this to myself but I wanted to look at some different shades of lipstick as Christmas is coming up and I simply wanted a new shade to show off. I was immediately drawn to 'Sunny Seoul', a shade which was part of the Cremesheen + Pearl Collection. It was the second last shade I looked at and I fell in love with the peachy tones of it thinking it would be a great shade for daytime wear. I even went so far as to search for reviews on the shade and only found one which made me think that this wasn't a very well known shade, something I have come across on various other shades of MAC lipstick I have reviewed in the past. Now I will say that this lipstick when applied is not true to the shade on the stick. The stick is peach, almost coral toned but when applied this lipstick has a pink, almost berry like appearance. I was so disappointed by this as usually MAC is bang on with being true to the stick shade and yes this is a lovely colour but not the one I anticipated. It's my own fault really, I didn't get the chance to swatch it as the MAC store in my city didn't have a tester available, (a common problem I may add!) the girl just simply showed me the stick and I said I'd take it - rookie mistake for sure! What I do like about this lipstick is that it's a cremesheen and the shimmer in it really does look lovely on the lips. This lipstick boasts that deliciously smelling vanilla scent, a signature to MAC lipsticks that really does smell divine. I have been wearing this shade for daytime so it has fit it's purpose. It suits all different kinds of makeup looks so it is quite versatile. Now I'm on the hunt for a true peachy coral toned lipstick, I will find one!

Stay pretty people!



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