Wednesday, October 02, 2013

MAC Eye Shadows I Need To Use Up ♥

I've had these MAC eye shadows for quite awhile now, they were realised as part of their limited edition Electro Flash mineralize eye shadows and when I first saw them I immediately fell in love. The colours are so vibrant and the shimmer they have really caught my eye. I actually collected all the eye shadows which were realised as part if this collection, the others are sadly gone but these are the colours I must use up. Each eye shadow is a duo made up of beautiful shimmery, highly pigmented shades which blend really well and really stand out on the eye. The four shades I have left are:

Sea & Sky - A really striking blue duo, one dark royal blue contrasted with a light blue mixed with green, purple and silver tones. This was my favourite eye shadow from the entire collection along with Fresh Green Mix, a beautiful green duo which is long gone from my collection!

Fresh & Mint - A light mint green contrasted with a very soft pink with purple veins. This is the eye shadow I have used the least as I prefered the darker colours but I'm beginning to use it a lot now.

Play On Plums - A dark brown with gold and orange veins contrasted with a golden orange shade which as you can see I have used a lot! This eye shadow is perfect for autumn.

Polar Opposite - A dark purple grey shade contrasted with a silver shade. I have used the silver shade a lot, it works great as a highlighter.

The other duos I had, loved and am sad that they are gone were Odd Couple, a peach and purple duo, Love Connection, a very light pink and peach duo, Hot Contrast, a black and silver duo, Pink Split. a pink and silver duo and Two To Glow, a copper and bronze duo. I now need to use the remaining up but they are such stunning shades I don't think it'll be long before I've gone through them.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I love mac eyeshadows they are so pigmented and last for ages!!

  2. The dark blue in the sea and sky duo is amazing!

  3. The Play on plums looks just like something I would naturally be drawn to, but they all look pretty and the blue is just striking! Xx

  4. The bronzey colours look nice for autumn!

    zofia xo

  5. Wow, they are gorgeous! So striking and pigmented :) xx


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