Saturday, October 05, 2013

Silver Cross Classic Sleepover Pram ♥

This is my Silver Cross Classic Sleepover pram, it was a gift from my mother when Tyler Lee was born and I love it as it's not like any of the modern prams and buggies that I see people out with. I can't stand those three wheel prams you see everywhere these days, I think prams like the Classic Sleepover are so stylish and elegant, perfect for a little newborn to enjoy as they are so roomy and bouncy. The chassis on this pram is unfortunately too big for my little car so I use it purely as a 'walking' pram. This pram gets admired a lot and I've had comments from people saying they miss seeing prams like this these days. Tyler Lee will soon be too big for lying down in this pram but luckily it can be transformed into a buggy so he will still get the bounce while we are out walking and still be nice and comfortable. My pram is navy and beige in colour so it's very classic looking and perfect for my baby boy. The interior is cream with quilted panels and a cream, frilled edge pram mattress. It has a big chrome basket on the base of the chassis which is perfect for storing anything you may need to bring with you on outings, anyone with a little one knows you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink going out! I love the elegance and easy use of Silver Cross prams, they fold up so easily and are easy to take apart. I love this pram and will be using it again when I have my next baby.

You can see other prams in the Silver Cross range on the Silver Cross website.



  1. Its an adorable pram! I love classic prams an you're little man looks so cosy in there! I must admit i do like the versatility of a 3 wheeler pram too ^_^ they are easier to move around without too much effort.

  2. The pram is gorgeous! So cosy! Silver Cross are brilliant prams and I find they last the test of time. Ours unfortunately was too heavy...Hope you show us how the pram transforms into a buggy for your little man :-)

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, I also love the more classic looking prams, but we need something that folds down tiny to fit in our boot, so I'm not sure this would be an option for us sadly. Xx

  4. The pram is absolutely amazing!)

  5. Gosh this is lovely! I have a 3-wheeler, sorry! I love it though, so easy to move around one-handed and nifty getting in and out of shops xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

    I can't stand the modern 3 wheelers either :/ I mean, we're trying one out for review currently and yes its much more user friendly - easy to get around shops and in and out of the car etc. But the look of them just doesnt compare at all!



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