Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soap & Glory - 'The Righteous Butter' ♥

 I'm back with another review and another Soap & Glory product. This time it's on a product which has been one of my favourites now for six years! The Righteous Butter was actually the first ever Soap & Glory product I bought whilst I was on holiday in Jersey when I was sixteen. I instantly fell in love with the smell of this product and was impressed with the smoothing effect it had on my skin. I'm a big fan of Soap & Glory as I love their packaging and also their whole ethos about not testing on animals. 

The Righteous Butter has a lovely thick, cream coloured texture which glides easily onto the skin and absorbs to give skin maximum moisture and gives a great smoothing effect. I use this product on the tops of my arms as I have keratosis pilaris and this body butter really helps to get rid of the unsightly bumps on my skin. Also, I have a strange belief that females should always have smooth elbows so I apply this to my elbows and I never get dry skin there. I have no idea where this idea came from for me but at least my elbows are always silky smooth! When I was younger I used to apply this product to my face and I'm happy to report that I never had a breakout or reaction to it, the product just left my face feeling very soft, especially around my jaw line. 

I keep a travel size tub of this in my handbag and it's great for smoothing on the skin when on the go. I would highly recommend this product if you're a fan of moisturising after a bath or shower. The product really does what it is supposed to and the lovely smell it has is a great bonus too. I predict that The Righteous Butter shall continue to be one of my favourites from the Soap & Glory range for many moons to come.

Have you used this product? Where you as impressed as I am with it?
Stay pretty people!



  1. I have used it, but I had one of the massive tubs and by the time I finished it I was sick of it! It is good, I'm just a product tart xx

  2. I love this cream, I have a pot of it as well as lots of other Soap & Glory products, they all smell so lush!xx

  3. I did and it's lovely, I love the sugar crush one even more!

  4. This looks lovely! I really really really want to try it! I've been using the scrub from soap and glory for years, so I should really try this! x


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