Thursday, August 01, 2013

Alex and Alexa - Baby Boy Birthday Wishlist ♥

My baby boy Tyler Lee's birthday isn't until February 16th but I am already planning ahead, crazy I know! I just can't help myself, there are so many beautiful baby clothes available that I just can't help but lust over them and want to dress my baby boy in them. As you all know I do a regular feature on my blog, Tyler Lee's Outfit Of The Day, to show you all what he's wearing and what adorable little clothes there are out there for baby boys and from all ranges of the price spectrum. Today I'd like to feature clothes from the higher, more luxurious end of the spectrum. I know some people are highly against buying designer clothes for babies but sometimes it's nice to treat them, and ourselves to some beautiful clothes which are to be treasured isn't it? A great website which offers a whole host of designer baby clothes in one place is Alex and Alexa. Today I was browsing through their selection and found some gorgeous clothes which I would love to dress my little angel in for one of his most important occasions in his early years - his first birthday! Everything I chose was baby blue and white in colour. I've stated before that I love to dress Tyler Lee in baby blue, I think it's an adorable shade on baby boys and keeps them 'real baby' rather than jeans and t-shirts. I choose outfits which reminded me of when he was born and the sweet little outfits I dressed him in, these items reminded me of our first moments together which is something I'd like to remember on his special day.

Number one on my wish list is the Absorba Light Blue Knit Cardigan. As a lover of cardigans in general I love this one. It's great to team with sleep suits, rompers, trousers and jeans. This one is made of cotton which allows for free movement and isn't stiff or ridged, unlike other cardigans I've gotten Tyler Lee these past few months! I think the ribbing detail is great and this cardigan is just €23, I thought this was a fantastic price for something which is so versatile. This cardigan is available in sizes 1 to 12 months.

Number two is the Bonnie Baby Blue Apple Print Bedtime Set. At €90 this item really is luxury but it is so sweet and comes with four lovely pieces to make any baby boys bedtime special. A tradition we had growing up is getting new pyjamas for our birthdays and Christmas, I don't know why but isn't it great to wake up in fresh sleepwear on a special day? It's a tradition I'd love to carry on with Tyler Lee. The design on this set is beautiful and the fact that it's a long sleeved sleep suit is great as February is a cold month in Ireland! I love that the set comes with a hat as I like to put Tyler Lee to sleep wearing a hat, he looks so like a tiny baby again when I do this. This set is available in sizes 0 to 12 months.

Number three is the Dolce & Gabbana Branded Babygrow. This babygrow is so sweet and comfy looking but smart also, perfect for Tyler Lee to wear at his first birthday party! Like the picture I would team it with a long white sleeved top with a collar for that Peter Pan inspired look. This babygrow is available in size 9-12 months and has been reduced from €165.00 to €82.50, so now is the time to buy!

Number four is the Mayoral Boys Pinstripe Velcro Booties. As a mother with an active baby boy the easier something is to get on him the easier my life is so the fact that these beautiful shoes are Velcro is fantastic. I'm a fan of pinstripe and I think it looks very smart, especially for such a big occasion! Once again these shoes are that beautiful baby blue I love teamed with white and I think these shoes would go fabulously with the Dolce & Gabbana Babygrow I'm in love with. These shoes are made of cotton making them gentle on baby's foot and not too stiff for freedom of movement, no squashed toes! These shoes were €14 but are now just €8, an absolute bargain for such gorgeous shoes. These are available in sizes 15 (UK 0) 16 (UK 0.5) and 18 (UK 2).

Finally, number five is Tartine et Chocolat Blue Padded Hooded Jacket. As we will most probably be visiting people on Tyler Lee's first birthday (it's a Sunday, I already checked!) he'll need a nice warm jacket with a hood as there is a strong chance it will be raining in February! This jacket is simply gorgeous and so very stylish. I love children in these smart jackets, they look great with a whole range of outfit choices. The detailing on the cuffs matches the lining of the jacket and once again it is that lovely pinstripe, great to match the Mayoral booties. This jacket would keep my little prince safe and warm on his special day. This jacket is available in size 12 months and is now €80.50 having been reduced from €115.00.

As you can see all the pieces I choose could be matched together, this wasn't an accident. I think the pieces I choose would make the perfect first birthday outfit for my little Tyler Lee and the bedtime set would make sure he entered his big day in comfort and style - starting him off as he means to go on! Alex and Alexa have stunning pieces on offer to make sure that your little prince or princess will be the beau or belle of every ball!


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