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6 Side Hustle Jobs Parents Can Try


A lot of people find themselves curious about side hustle jobs. It could be to earn a bit extra on the side or just to fuel your need to learn something new. Whether you want something fun and interesting or something challenging depends on what it is you’re looking for.

Not all side hustle jobs are going to be suited for you or easy to slot in around your commitments and that’s why I've put together this list of 5 side hustle jobs parents can try.

Hopefully you’ll find one that sparks a real interest in you.

Side Hustle Jobs for Parents

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is an amazing side hustle to consider. One of the best things about it is that you can, mostly, work to your own schedule. Of course, people have their deadlines and you have to adhere to those but you can have fun with it.

Most businesses these days will pay by the article. There may still be a few that charge by word count but those can be few and far between.

To put yourself forward for this side hustle, it’s better if you can create a portfolio for yourself, even if said portfolio is in the form of a blog that you update regularly. It gives clients that chance to read your writing and get a sense for the style before they begin working with you.

Freelance writing, over time, can definitely be a big cash builder and you could even move your freelance writing into the blogging space and create an income for yourself via that avenue too. Read here about how I made blogging my full-time job.


If you have a qualification or experience in a specialised subject, becoming an online tutor is a great way to work from home, use the skills and qualifications you already have and generate an income. Sites such as allow you to register and search for students who are looking for tutors in a variety of subjects.

Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the internet, people can make a living for themselves more comfortably and with more flexibility. Small businesses may be really interested in having a virtual assistant. Bigger businesses, too, if it helps them control the volume of content coming in and going out.

Being a virtual assistant can include anything from simply proofreading articles and replying to emails, up to scheduling meetings and doing a bit of social media management.

If this is an area you have experience in, you can even charge a set rate per hour for your services.

Pet Sitting

Is pet sitting as popular as dog walking? Maybe not, but it can be quite a profitable side hustle. Plus, what’s not to love about it? You get to look after some unique and lovely pets in the comfort of your own home.

If pet sitting isn’t really an option, you could always try for dog walking instead - which is a great way of earning some extra income and getting exercise at the same time.

Product Seller

Heard of Depop? Etsy? If you’re a crafter and maker of interesting things; jewellery, artwork, clothes, or other miscellaneous items, you should consider selling on Etsy or Depop.

It’s a great way to make more money and you get to do something you love at the same time. It’ll be an extremely fun side hustle if it’s something you really enjoy doing in your free time and if you think there isn’t a market for it, there probably is.

There are some great shipping services out there for you to use too to help you in your creative business side hustle.

Proof Reader

Did you know you can earn some pennies for being doing a bit of proofreading work for businesses?
Someone with an interest and love for English language and quite an attentive eye can make some serious savings on the side by picking up proofreading jobs.

If you have the skills for proofreading, why not try it out as a side hustle?

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