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Moving With Kids Without The Stress



Moving is a stressful life event, but when you add kids to the mix, it becomes that much more stressful. Obviously, moving can be SUCH an amazing thing for your entire family - it brings new experiences, new opportunities, and a fresh start. But, kids can take it much harder compared to adults. 
In fact, kids who have moved five or more times during their childhood are three times as likely to experience mental health problems compared to those who stay in their hometowns. 
In a study of 50,000 children, researchers found that the impact of moving is often worse for children over the age of five. This is because they have to leave behind friends and change schools during an important time of social development. 
Healthy child development is best supported by security and stability across different domains in the child’s life. Key components of that stability include housing, parenting, family dynamics, neighborhood factors, peer influences, and school development. Children with unstable housing often have fewer high-quality relationships, lower life satisfaction, and a lower sense of personal well-being.
So, yes, moving with kids can add a lot of stress, but if you know the move is a great thing for your family (which I am sure it is!), you just need to figure out the ins and outs of moving with kids without the stress. Trust me, it’s doable! But what can you do to make the transition to a new town, city, state, or even country easier when you’re moving with kids? Let’s get into it! 
Parents are often the ones who make the important decisions when it comes to moving. You choose the city, the town, and the new house. This can make your child feel powerless and unstable. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can ensure a smoother transition for your family when moving with kids. Here are a few tips: 
Involve your child in as many decisions as you can:
One of the best ways to give your child a sense of stability again is to give them a hand in what you’re doing.
Make a treasure box:
Have your child pack some of their favorite things into a colorful box they can keep with them during the move. This will help them feel in control over their closest belongings and give them a sense of security.
Make a memory book:
By creating a memory book complete with phone numbers and e-mail addresses of friends, family, and babysitters, your child will be able to figuratively visit their old home whenever they need to.
Throw a goodbye party:
It may be sad for your child to say goodbye to their old friends and neighbors, but a goodbye party gives them a sense of closure and makes them feel less like they’re leaving their friends behind.
Don’t wait to unpack in your new home:
It can be tempting to leave your belongings in boxes, but when you haven’t unpacked it, you can make your child feel anxious as if the family is going to be leaving again soon. No time to unpack? Let the professionals do it for you! Page Relocation is a Metro-Atlanta-based company (based in Atlanta and Canton). They provide services such as packing and unpacking, cleaning services, residential moving, junk removal services, and they are even Atlanta commercial movers, too. Page Relocation knows how hard moving with kids can be, so they provide family-oriented initiatives to relieve the stress of moving on your children! They say, “​Relocating, regardless of age, can be stressful. At Page Relocation, our goal is to ensure that your family’s upcoming move will be your simplest move ever. We acknowledge that we must take special consideration when we help families with children relocate to their next adventure. The inspiration behind this project is to help ensure that your children see that moving can be exciting! We believe that “less is more,” but that the little things can go a long way when it comes to the happiness and comfort of your children.”
Be aware that your child will need time to adjust to their new home and social environments. Encourage them to share their feelings and get involved with the move. The best way to ensure a positive transition is to make your child feel in control, stable, and secure when you’re moving with kids.

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