Thursday, February 04, 2021

How To Make A House Move Easier

Moving house is something that almost everyone will do in their lifetime. We've moved house three times now - twice with two kids in tow, but are finally in our forever home.

Moving house or relocating can be an extremely stressful time in anyone's life, so it's important to do all you can to make it easier on yourself.

You may be moving to up size your home for your growing family or downsizing as you no longer need a lot of rooms. If you're moving home due to needing a home more suited to your physical needs, Silver Cross may have products that could help you in living more comfortably in your new home.

No matter what your circumstances, hopefully these tips will help you on how to make a house move easier, based on my own experiences of packing up and moving home.

1. Hire a moving company

If you're relocating or have a lot of furniture and belongings to transport, hiring a moving company is an extremely good idea. Not only will this take some burden off you in physically having to move your belongings yourself, it'll free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your move.

There are moving companies who will handle even the smallest of residential moves and some will even professionally pack your belongings for you too so that everything will arrive safely in your new home. Visit here to learn more about what moving companies can do for you.

2. Donate or sell unwanted items

Before moving house, you should definitely have a thorough clear out and donate or sell any unwanted items you have. This means you're not bringing unnecessary clutter to your new home. 

By donating unwanted items, you'll be doing good by giving to people in need. If you have good quality items that you can sell, the money can go towards moving costs or decorating your new home.

3. Set up a redirect and notify utility companies, etc. of your new address

Setting up a redirect on your post to your new address is essential. Usually postal companies will only need a couple of weeks in advance for this, but it's so important!

There are costs associated with this too, depending on how long you'd like the redirect to take place for (we always choose 1 year as I work from home and get a lot of post), so make sure you factor these in to your moving costs. 

Also notify utility companies, etc. of your moving date so that you can give final meter readings and not be charged for power you're not using.

4. Pack an essentials bag or box

If you're moving long distance or moving with children and may not have access to your belongings right away, backing an essentials bag or box is a good idea.

This means that you'll always have necessary items with you, that will be easy to access while your belongings are in transit or still packed up once you move. Pack things like toys, some food and toiletries and a change of clothes or two for each family member.

5. Organise and label boxes room by room

By doing this, you'll make your move so much easier as when you get to your new home you'll have the boxes set out in each room ready to be unpacked.

This will also, hopefully, mean that nothing will go missing! It also makes packing up your home for a move much easier as doing it room by room makes it a whole lot more manageable.

Best of luck with your house move!


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