Monday, May 04, 2020

A Review Of Fun and Educational Toys From Learning Resources

Eight weeks into lockdown I'm trying to keep my boys entertained and learning in any way I can.

They we recently sent two fun and educational toys from Learning Resources and having been having a great time with them.

The first toy they were sent was Steggy the Fine Motor Dino (£15). This is aimed at children between 18 months to 4 years. Beau is 3 and has great fun with this. I've been trying to get him to work on his fine motor skills so it's been really handy for encouraging that.

We're currently trying to figure out if he's right or left handed as he's using both for writing, so I'm hoping this will help him lean towards his stronger hand.

All you have to do with Steggy is place his spikes within their slots. They're numbered for extra learning fun too. The spikes can safely be stored within Steggy when playtime is over.

The second toy the boys were sent was the Money Activity Set (£15). This is for children aged between 5 and 9, but Beau, who's 3, has show a real interest in this too.

This set is great for teaching children the value of money and adding up and subtracting amounts. It contains price cards which they can find the correct change for. It also has a wipe-clean piggy bank card to teach about savings.

The set also features a spinner card to identify coins and double-sided money puzzle cards. With 70 plastic coins and 12 play notes the money activity set isn't only educational, it can also be great fun for playing shop too.

These are just some of the great educational and fun games available from Learning Resources.

They've been a real asset to us at this time for homeschooling boys at different ages and levels too.


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