Sunday, March 22, 2020

Pretty Pink & Floral Bedroom Decor ♥

I haven't shared many updates on our new home on my blog as there's still so much work to do (I wonder if my bedroom will ever have curtains!) and I'd like to show off properly finished areas when I can, rather than the 'in-between' bits of decorating.

I've always been a fan of pink and florals, so, considering that the boys bedrooms are decorated in shades of blue and navy, I decided to pick a perfectly pink colour for my own bedroom and decorate with florals.

Even the paint, which is a gorgeous shade of light pink, has a floral themed name - 'Raindrops on Roses' by Valspar.

In time I'd like to change the pine furniture to white - I might even do a DIY upcyle on these chests of drawers, to match the bed.

The floral prints are from Posterlounge, who I collaborated with earlier in the year. They have so many prints to choose from but these dainty florals really caught my eye.

I plan to print and hang more of my photography on the wall too, but I started with a picture of myself and the boys beside the beautiful pastel hydrangeas last summer.

I've put fresh flowers on display in antique bottles and a matching pink vase and added some books about flowers to my little floral display. I love this little corner of my bedroom and plan to always keep it a lovely fresh flower display place with cuttings from the garden and store-bought bouquets. Flowers make me happy, so why not have lots of them in my bedroom?

I'll be sharing more home decor updates in the coming months and hopefully, someday soon, I'll be able to share my full bedroom decor in a finished and beautiful state!


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