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What Are Your Laser Skin Treatment Options? ♥

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Lasers are seemingly the end all and be all of skincare treatments. They are widely advertised as quick fixes for multiple skin health concerns. They have certainly proven themselves effective time and time again. However, they also differ greatly from one clinical setting to the next. Each clinic offers its own set of treatments with its own specific devices. So what are your laser skin treatment options? To figure that out, you have to learn a little more about lasers.

Lasers Produce Focused Beams of Light
The first thing to know is not every light-based treatment offered in a clinic is technically a laser treatment. The word “laser” specifically means a focused beam of monochromatic light. In simple terms, that is a beam of one color. However, the exact wavelength (color) of light used is different depending on the laser type. Each wavelength serves a specific purpose.

There are some lasers that can be adjusted to perform multiple tasks. However, not every machine is an all-in-one laser device. Some are more like one-trick ponies. They are great at performing a single job or working on a single skin type, but do not expect them to be multi-tasking machines unless you know they were built specifically for multi-tasking.

Non-Ablative and Ablative Lasers at a Glance
Many of the standard technologies used in the laser skincare world are designed to provide specialized services. For example, ablative devices use laser light to perform laser peels. They strip away unwanted surface materials to reveal hidden healthy skin underneath. Non-ablative lasers specialize in providing treatment at a depth that avoids the surface. Instead they cause disruption to deeper cells to instigate healing processes internally.

In some cases you may only need non-ablative treatment. Other scenarios may require an ablative procedure. It is even possible to schedule both. However, there are some ablative lasers that can perform both functions by targeting multiple skin layers as well. There are also specific laser treatments like YAG, CO2 and fraxel procedures that can target various skin layers and ailments.

Choosing a Laser Treatment Based on Skin Damage
Often, the type of skin damage you have dictates the necessary laser type. For example, YAG and fraxel lasers typically repair pigment issues like sun spots. Diode lasers are often used to treat vascular lesions. There are also some skin conditions that can be improved by almost any laser procedure, especially wrinkles. That is because all lasers encourage collagen efficiency and production to strengthen skin cells.

Matching Your Skin Type to Your Laser Treatment
You also need to match your skin type to your laser treatment. If you have light skin, that is an easy process. Most lasers will work for you. However, if your skin is dark you need to look a bit harder to find what you need. In general, the best lasers to treat dark skin are YAG devices. Though, there are some exceptions.

Short and Long-Term Effects of Laser Skin Procedures
When considering your laser skin treatment options, short and long-term effects are also a consideration. For example, deep tissue treatments tend to cause your body to want to repair itself more over time. Therefore, you might see results in weeks or months, but not instantly.
Conversely, mild surface treatments may not provide substantial long-term restoration benefits. You must also consider the need for treatment repetition to preserve results. Some treatments require more repetition than others. For instance, you cannot get rid of moderate wrinkles with a single laser procedure.

Getting Expert Advice to Choose Your Treatment Path
There is no substitute for an expert's assessment when it comes to laser treatment selection. Make sure you find a clinic you trust with a reputation for excellence. Take the time to ask questions and make sure you understand all the features of your skin. Then you can treat it properly.

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