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Does Your Family Need A Second Car? ♥

When you have a growing family, it can often reach the point when you feel like you need a second car. Trying to decide if you actually need one or whether you just want it can be quite difficult. Here are some of the factors that could indicate that the time is right to get a second car.

You Need to Be in Two Places at Once
Your son needs to be at football for 6pm while your daughter needs picking up from the afterschool club and your partner is waiting at the train station. If you feel like you need to be everywhere at once then you should definitely think about getting a second car.

Having a second car means that both adults in the family will be able to do different things. Your children can do activities in different places at the same time as there will always be a parent available to drop them off and pick them up.

If you want to encourage your children to have a full list of activities, you need to make sure that they are going to be able to go everywhere they need to be. Sometimes the easiest way to do this is with a car. This might especially be the case if your children are too young to go places on their own yet.

If your car looks like it belongs in a junkyard and has become unreliable you might eventually break down and have to sell it to a service like So, having a second car is always a safety net in case you lose the first car.

You Can Afford It
Many families hold off on getting a second car at first because of the expense of running two cars. However, it might not be as expensive as you might think. There are many second-hand dealer websites online where you can find the perfect car for your needs at a low price. Buying a brand-new car is expensive and few can afford it straight away. Buying second-hand is often much better value.

However, once you have bought the car, that is not the only problem you are going to have. You also need to make sure that the monthly running costs are kept down. One of the best ways to do this is to shop around for cheaper car insurance quotes. Comparison sites like Quotezone allow you compare policies from over a hundred insurance providers in just a minute or two, and you might even be able to find a provider that will offer a discount if you insure both cars at once.

You Want Some Freedom
When your partner has the car for the day, you might feel like you are stuck with nowhere to go. While public transport is always an option, it might be too difficult for you to have to wrangle the kids onto a bus or a train. You might also have one place in mind about where you should go. If there are no good transport links there, you can be very tempted to just abandon your plans altogether.

Having that second vehicle allows you to load up the car whenever you feel like it and just go out. If it is a particularly beautiful day, you might be able to go to the beach spontaneously. It is a small luxury but also one which is often very much welcomed. If you feel a bit stir-crazy when you don’t have a car, this might be the right option for you.

You Have a Teenager Who is Old Enough to Drive
Finally, you might decide to get a second car if you have a teenager who is old enough to drive. Having them being able to help out with the family’s driving needs is a bonus that many don’t think about. For example, they could do the school run while you and your partner head to work.

This is a great way to let your teenager have a little more freedom while also learning some important responsibilities. Be firm; being able to drive the car is a privilege and not a right. If you feel like they are acting out of line, you will take the car away from them again. With the right coaxing, your teenager will hopefully become a welcome help to the family in many ways now that they can drive.

If you feel like many of the above positions apply to you, you might think about getting a second car for your family. Having the other car is definitely a luxury to many but it can really help to make your life easier. From being able to get out the house whenever you feel like it to being able to make the household routines that little bit easier to deal with, there are many ways a second car can help you out. Take a look at some of the models available on the market and think about what type of car would be best for your family. You won’t regret getting your hands on this car!

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  1. I would be lost without a car. Not only for the fact I need to drive the kids somewhere but also to be able to get to work and do the groceries.


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