Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Car Safety | Why Tyres Are Important For Your & Your Family's Safety ♥

As a mother of two young children who drives them places every single day making sure my car is in good condition and that every part of it is safe for driving is a huge priority to me.

All too often I hear of accidents that have occurred which could have easily been avoided if only the car had been given a safety check and any problems fixed before driving.

When it comes to car safety, one of the most important parts of the car that people often overlook are the tyres.

Tyre safety should be absolutely paramount to anyone who is driving a car, after all, the tyres are the only part of the car that actually touch the road. According to the RSA, between the years 2007 and 2012, 172 collisions cited tyre defects as a factor leading to the collision. Some of these collisions were fatal. How awful is it that something so easily fixable as investing in a new tyre, could have avoided a fatality.

So why is tyre safety so important I hear you ask? Well, ultimately, the safety of everyone in your vehicle and the vehicle itself could depend directly on the condition of your tyres.

If your tyres are old and worn (you can check this quickly by looking at the treads and how worn they are) you could order tyres in Brentwood from Elite Direct to make sure you're driving on safe tyres.

When choosing and purchasing new tyres for your vehicle you should always make sure that:
  • They are the right kind and size for your vehicle
  • Are properly inflated
  • Be free from defects (you can buy second-hand tyres but I honestly would avoid and save for brand new ones just to be 100% sure of their safety).
  • Have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm

There are so many dangers associated with using and continuing to drive on sub-standard tyres, the main one being a chance of fatality as I discussed above. However, other things that you can experience if your tyres are not in the best condition are:
  • Reduced road handling so you have less control of your vehicle - scary!
  • Aquaplaning when your tyres lose grip in wet conditions
  • Blow-outs which result in the loss of control of your vehicle
  • Increased breaking distances due to lack of grip 

Essentially, tyres are the 'shoes' of your car and they should always be in good condition and be checked regularly and especially before long journeys to make sure they are safe for travel. They're probably the one area of a car that can be easily fixed and quickly too and should be kept in the best condition possible for optimum safety for you and your family and anyone else who travels in your vehicle.

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