Monday, June 17, 2019

How To Give Your Little Girl the Princess Bedroom of Her Dreams - On A Budget! ♥

The vast majority - if not all - little girls reach their “princess phase”, and with that comes the demand for all new princess accessories. Dressing up outfits, pyjamas, pencil case, bag… and of course the bedroom. Because really, no matter what your age, what woman doesn’t want, and deserve, a boudoir worthy of royalty? Your little ones especially need a space to revitalise and rejuvenate, but also one worthy of play that allows them to be creative.

However, just because they want a royal bedroom, does NOT mean you have to pay royal prices. Here are just a few tips for giving your little princess the bedroom of her dreams, without breaking the bank.

Paint, Paint, Paint
The key to giving a room the royal princess effect is by painting the walls a rich and luxurious colour. Pinks and purples are great, but be careful not to go too dark because you don’t want the room to look smaller than it is.

Another really clever, and very creative way to give your room the royal edge, is by investing in some stencilling equipment and doing a good old DIY on the edges of your walls underneath the bordering. You can get many intricate designs and patterns, and by using a bit of metallic gold paint on them, it’s easy enough and you don’t have to be an artist, it can give a pattern that alludes to a crown-like motif. It particularly lends itself well to this style! It doesn’t have to be elaborate, the subtlety of it is what gives it its class.

Another positive to this, is if you’re planning on selling your family home quickly in the future, buyers who also have children will be especially interested in a room like this because it saves them a job. Sometimes the easiest way of selling a house is making sure it’s decorated in a way that’s directed at a specific target audience, that will save them time and money.

Play with Fabrics
If you’ve found yourself dragging your feet through all of the high street supermarkets, and you can’t suitable bedding within your price range, why not get creative and make some bedding? The fabrics don’t have to be anything fancy, as long as they’re a rich colour and match the theme you’re going for. However, don’t forget to play with textures as this will give the room an overall richer appearance.

Fabrics (or lookalike fabrics) such as velvet and silk ooze luxury and will give the room a richer appearance. If you’re looking for a mega quick cheap fix - why not raid your linen cupboards and wardrobes for materials you might already have? If you have an old lacy top or velvet skirt that you never wear, you can easily upcycle them by adding them to the fabric you already have. A bed skirt can be fashioned out of a sheet, and a furry throw (available in most supermarkets and cheaper high street stores) will just put the cherry on top.

Wall Murals
The term “wall mural” can instill fear into even the hardiest of parents, but you needn’t worry. You don’t have to be the next Van Gogh to give your child the princess mural of dreams. Wall Decal is the perfect alternative to painting your own design on the wall, and in many places you’ll be able to get generic princess designs such as castles, and even some specific princesses along the way. Plus, they’re easily removed, so when your little princess grows out of her princess phase and moves onto the next one whatever it may be, it won’t be difficult to redecorate. Win win!

The Bed 
Last, but by no means least, the bed. Of course this isn’t something you can easily DIY, however if you’re going to splash out on one item, it’s suggested that this be it. Like a princess needs her throne, your princess needs a comfortable and glamorous bed to finish off the space, and to ensure she gets all of the sleep she needs. However, if you don’t want to splash out on an entirely new bed, why not just upgrade the bed she already has by spending some money on a headboard fit for a princess. It’s not a necessity, but it’s a lovely plus.

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