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Amazing Gifts For Boys Aged 2-6 ♥

Christmas will be here so soon! In fact, it's just four short weeks away and I personally cannot wait! I'm still in the midst of choosing what to get for my boys for Christmas, but I do have a few things put away for them already and I thought I'd share them here, in case any other boy mums are in need of gift inspiration.

I feel like I have to put a disclaimer here - all of these gifts could easily be for girls too, but as a mother of boys I'm sharing this gift guide from my own personal angle.

I have also chosen gifts suitable for ages two to six as Beau is now almost three and a half and Tyler will be seven in February, so these are things which I know they will love.

Hopefully these suggestions will give you inspiration for your own boys!

 Moover Ride-On Dump Truck (£69.99)
This is such a gorgeous, classic toy to gift to a child and my boys are obsessed with it so I couldn't help but include it in this gift guide. In fact, the boys both love it so much that there's been a few squabbles over it - making me wish that we had two of them!

This is a wooden ride-on that is super easy to put together as there are no screws, etc. involved. The pieces fit together like a puzzle and there are hooks to keep the pieces together. There's a lift-up dump truck section that the boys love storing their little dinkies etc. in.

The Moover Ride-On Dump Truck is suitable for kids aged 1-5 so Tyler has had lots of fun scooting about on it too. This is such a lovely toy and not only is it lovely to look at, it's great fun for the kids too.

Tildo Country Play Kitchen (£124.99)
This is a gift Tyler got for his second Christmas and it's still going strong! The boys play with this so much and they love playing kitchens in their playhouse. The fact that it's still perfect four years later after hours and hours of playtime shows just how great quality it is.

The kitchen comes in a beautiful baby blue colour, has a removable Belfast sink, a clock with moving hands, an oven, a cupboard, little shelf and utensils for making the kitchen experience all the more real!

Mini Cooper Push Buggy Red (€99.99)
This was a gift Beau received for his second birthday and he is completely in love with it! It's a gift that is perfect for a car obsessed boy and not only is it great fun the kids to ride along in and play with, it's also great for parents as it comes with a long handle to easily push kids about - very handy if you want to go for a walk and not have your toddler in buggy.

It can be converted to a peddle car for when kids get older and want to scoot along themselves. With lights and sounds and an opening door, it's just like giving the kids their very own Mini Cooper!

Kiddimoto Stars Kurve Wooden Balance Bike (£39.99)
This is such an amazing balance bike! Not only is it affordable but it looks fab too and the star design is just perfect. Although this balance bike is made of wood, it's so light weight and easy for even two year old Beau to carry around and is actually a great height for both of my boys (Beau is quite tall for his age).

This balance bike has been a great introduction to two-wheels for Tyler and he loves riding down our slightly hilly garden on it. It's given him confidence with riding his bike and wanting to try no stabilisers. Tyler's friends have also had great fun on the Stars Curve Wooden Balance Bike when they come around to play and it's great to see the kids having so much fun with it!

Kiddimoto have a wide range of balance bikes available and helmets to match too. This balance bike is the perfect gift to get kids outdoors, active and having lots of fun outside - all at an affordable price too!

 Talking Bing Soft Toy (£12.99)
Bing is a favourite character in our house. My boys love him and this Talking Bing Soft toy would make a lovely gift for a little one this Christmas and would be suitable as a stocking filler out of it's packaging.

This cute and cuddly Bing Bunny is perfect for cuddles with it's soft textured fabric. Talking Bing has over 15 fun phrases that are sure to delight the little ones and keep them entertained as they hear their favourite character speak to them. Simply press the button on Bing's dungarees to hear him giggle and talk. This is a lovely gift idea for Bing lovers or for kids who love a cuddly toy that they can interact with too.

Teamsterz 5 Storey Garage & 15 Cars (£59.99)
If you have a boy who loves cars, like our Beau, then the Teamsterz 5 Storey Garage is a great gift idea! It comes with 15 cars which make for lots of garage fun. It's an easy to put together set and has everything a garage needs from plenty of spaces to park cars, a helipad, fuel pumps, car wash and a car lift with a top launcher.

 This garage will make for hours of fun and isn't too large either for storing. My boys have great fun with it and it's been a great addition to their playtime as not only does it allow them to play with the cars, but it also makes for lots of imaginative play opportunities too with the various elements to this garage and because of the 5 storeys, it means they can play together but not be in each other's way.

PLAYMOBIL Furnished Children's Hospital (£74.99)
PLAYMOBIL is a firm favourite in our house - Tyler already has three of the sets and plays with them for hours! PLAYMOBIL is such a great toy for children who love imaginative play and I think the Furnished Children's Hospital set is a great set to encourage imaginative play even more as there are so many possible scenarios kids can think up for it!

This play set comes with so many accessories that playtime possibilities are endless! It has everything budding doctors and nurses need to play hospital, including an operating room with an adjustable operating table, surgical instruments and and tilting operation lights. The set also includes a baby room and a children's ward that can be reached via elevator.

With PLAYMOBIL you know you're getting fantastic quality and a toy that can withstand many a playtime without breaking - and with two rowdy boys this is a big positive for me when choosing a toy for them!

Teamsterz Light & Sound Fire Engine (£19.99)
If you have a little one who is big into fire engines, like our Tyler, then the Teamsterz Light & Sound Fire Engine is a great gift choice. This is like a real fire engine with it's realistic flashing blue lights and siren sounds.

The Teamsterz Light & Sound Fire Engine is perfect for kids to easily interact with during playtime. With it's pressable buttons, pull down side door, free moving wheels and rotatable and extendable ladder it's perfect for coming to the rescue for any imaginative fire related emergency!

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage and Car Wash (€119.99)
This is by far the best garage the boys have ever had they both love it so much. It has plenty of car parking spaces to hold lots of dinky cars, a lift to take the cars to each floor, ramps, spiral slides and even a chomping shark that the cars must jump to avoid!

The set comes with five cars and a helicopter and even a super spin car wash - I think Tyler sees the car wash as the best part! This is by far the best all-round garage for kids, but be warned you'll need a bit of space to store it and have the biggest ramp out as it's quite long, but the kids will love it!

Tonka Steep Dump Truck (€30)
My boys love Tonka trucks and they are the perfect toys for keeping them entertained out in the garden, scooping up mud into and pretending they're working on a building site. Tonka trucks are also fab for taking along to the beach on warm days - the boys have so much fun shoveling stones, shells and water into the back of the dump truck - it's amazing how long this simple activity can keep them entertained for!

Because the Tonka truck is steel it's really hard-wearing too - no chance of it breaking and it's big enough to push about with ease and fill up with mud, stones and whatever else takes kids fancy!

Hopefully these suggestions have given you some gift inspiration for your own boys. My boys love all of these things and it's lovely to see them enjoying these toys so much.


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