Friday, March 02, 2018

Treatbox: Chocolate Lovers Treatbox | Review ♥

 *This is a collaborative post, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tyler's new 'thing' is to ask for a treat, so imagine his surprise when a whole box of them arrived through the letterbox! Introducing Treatbox, a monthly subscription box filled to the brim with delicious goodies.

Treatbox offer high-quality European and American candy treatboxes delivered monthly. They also offer gift options if you want to surprise someone with a yummy food gift, or a monthly subscription option if you feel like treating yourself - and why not?!

There are six different box options to choose from, appealing to all different types of candy lovers and we were sent the Chocolate Lovers Treatbox (£15), much to all our delights! We all love chocolate in this house so the Chocolate Lovers Treatbox was the perfect surprise for us.

I was immediately impressed with the Treatbox packaging - the box is slim enough to fit through the letterbox in case no one is home and it really looked appealing with it's pink stripes. The inside of the box also states - 'Treats to make you smile' and that's exactly what they did! Tyler was very keen to help me open the box and he gasped when he saw what was inside - lots of yummy chocolate!

There was a really great mix of chocolates and flavours included within the Treatbox and we each had something just for us. Tyler immediately went for the Ritter Sport Coconut, whilst I went for my favourite, the GuyLian Seashells Box.

Jacek had the Milk Chocolate Covered Marc de Champagne truffle bite sized bars and him and I also had the GuyLian Praline Filled Cones - we had never seen these before so it was nice to try something new and they were utterly delicious!

We all shared the Seed and Bean Sicilian Hazelnut and Almond - which again we never had before but which was absolutely delicious.

The Choc-o-Lait Caramel and Dark chocolate drinking sticks were the perfect warming treat to enjoy by the fire after our playtime outside in the snow.

Overall we were all really impressed with Treatbox. The chocolate selection included within the box was put together very thoughtfully, with a mixture of flavours and chocolates to enjoy. All of the brands included with the box were of great quality and I definitely feel as though you get value for your £15.

I think Treatbox is a great subscription box for those who have a bit of a sweet tooth and who love to try different types of candy. It's great to see the inclusion of brands from around the world as it makes the box all the more special being able to try something new and which may not be readily available in your local stores.

Treatbox boxes are shipped on the 19th of each month, unless the 19th falls on a weekend, then the box will be shipped the following working day.

If you're interested in singing up for Treatbox use the code TREATME to get 20% off your first box.



  1. This must have bewn an amazing post day! I love Guylian chocs x

  2. That looks like the best post ever! Definitely a lovely treat, there’s such a great selection in there!

  3. I love the idea of receiving a box of treats at home! It's such a great idea :) Love most of those too xx

  4. I literally let out a little squeal when my box arrived - i love those Guylian cones! <3

  5. Oh wow, this definitely looks like my kind of box! I think I definitely need to treat myself and subscribe x

  6. My weakness is chocolate and what a treat to receive a box of goodies in the post! Love this idea

  7. This looks AMAZING! Those praline filled cones sound unreal!!!

  8. Ooh love the sound of the choc au lait!

  9. This Treatbox is awesome! I love chocolates, I might just end up subscribing.

  10. Chocolate is my weakness and this looks great. Perfect for a gift too

  11. Oh my GOODNESS! I'm on a chocolate detox at the moment and now I wish I wasn't! That box looks amazing!

  12. Oh yes this is the kind of subscription box I can get on board with!! Looks amazing!

  13. Oh I had this treat box last week too and I have to admit, I've eaten most of it already! It was delicious!

  14. Oh this looks so good. Would definately like one of these for mother’s day :) - unconventional kira x


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