Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Sylvanian Families Sky Ride Adventure & Toy Poodle Family ♥

 *We were sent these Sylvanian Families toys for the purposes of this feature, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Sylvanian Families is a well loved brand in our house. In his five short years Tyler has amassed quite a collection of these adorable characters, their beautiful homes and a whole host of accessories to furnish them with.

I was never lucky enough to have Sylvanian Families toys as a child (oh how I wanted that canal boat more than anything!), so being able to watch my son play happily with these adorable toys fills me with great joy - I may also love helping him set up his houses with all the furniture and accessories...

Beau is now joining in with the Sylvanian Families fun and loves the vehicles in the range. He loves popping the little characters in and out of their seats and zooming them along the floor.

We're very lucky to be working with Sylvanian Families again and they very kindly sent the boys two lovely sets to try out - the Sky Ride Adventure and the Toy Poodle Family.

Sky Ride Adventure
This is the most dreamy toy, with it's bright orange and patterned balloon, patterned 'metal work' frame, old fashioned wheels and propellers, this is the perfect ride for Sylvanians to take for an adventure amongst the clouds!

I love the charming, quaint design of the Sky Ride Adventure (£24.99) and with three seats - two for adults and one for a baby (although Tyler was adamant he was getting a child in the smaller seat!), it's perfect for playtime.

The propellers move when the Sky Ride Adventure is pushed along.

The set comes with a little pink suitcase which can be opened and inside is a gingham picnic blanket, a croissant, apple and bananas - just in case the Sylvanians work up an appetite from all their adventuring!

There's also an adorable little blue bird who sits on the frame of the Sky Ride Adventure. The whole set is completely dreamy and perfect for imaginative play.

Tyler was playing with this as part of his Starry Point Lighthouse as it ties into the whimsical feeling of it all perfectly.

Toy Poodle Family
The Toy Poodle Family (£17.99) may just be one of the most adorable Sylvanian Families family characters, we just loved everything about them! They are the Cakebread family (how sweet is that name) and if I'm not mistaken, they own the bakery in Sylvania - perfect name for that, right?!

This is a four character family set including a father named Frank, a mother named Veronica, a brother named Eric and a sister named Melinda. The family, like all Sylvanian Families family sets, come with their own story book.

They have the most beautiful clothes (I especially love Melinda's dress) and I love the soft, fuzzy feel of all the Sylvanian Families characters.

The Sylvanian Families characters are very collectable and Tyler is delighted to have this very sweet family as part of his collection and he had great fun taking them on a sky ride adventure followed by a picnic at Starry Point Lighthouse - oh to be five!

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