Tuesday, March 06, 2018

My Weight Loss Journey | Reaching My Lowest Weight in Over 4 Years! ♥

Wearing one of my favourite dresses ever, which sadly I couldn't fit into for years as it was far too tight, now it's loose and I'm loving being able to wear it again.

It's been six weeks since I started out on my newest weight loss effort, but this time around it wasn't just about losing the weight for me, it was about living an altogether healthier and more active lifestyle.

Six weeks in and I'm still sticking with it, because it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice and that I can deal with. I've relaxed my eating habits a bit in the last few days - who knew that being snowed in would make you crave bread and all the bad stuff so much?! The exercise more or less went out the window as I was unable to run or walk about in knee-deep snow and the roads were impassible so getting to the gym was sadly a no go - I actually missed it those five days I wasn't able to get there.

Yesterday was the beginning of a new week though and with the roads cleared I was back out on my walk with Beau - surprising myself by being able to run the furthest along the flat that I've ever been able to do before. I only had to stop because this pesky cough I've been suffering with for almost a month now wouldn't shift and I couldn't breathe.

The fact that I can run for a good distance is a positive sign to me that my endurance has really enhanced since I joined the gym on January 23rd. I don't get out of breath at all, but I do find that my legs feel like they're going to give way as I'm running along - maybe I'm still suffering with the shin splints, who knows. I'll struggle on though as I'd love to run continuously for two miles.

I also went back to the gym and again, surprised myself that I was able to do a harder level on the stepper for 3K before I felt like I'd had enough. I really do love going to the gym and I think it's great that I think so positively about it because I know if I found it a chore I just wouldn't go.

Much healthier and happier. Now I just need to get used to getting my picture taken again...

The gym gives me the head space I need to get out of the house for an hour or two - I think my fellow stay at home mothers will understand what I mean. Also, seeing the results of my efforts really spurs me on.

I'm getting back on track with my eating this week too - having my healthy two egg omlette with veg and lactose-free feta cheese for breakfast, chicken breast wraps with lots of veg for lunch and my favourite turkey bolognese for dinner. I'm going to try out some new recipes this week too so that I don't get bored. It's good to mix things up.

I weighed-in this morning completely expecting to have put on weight, but I've actually lost another 2lbs/1kg! This brings my total weight loss in six weeks to 8kg/17lbs! That's 1stone 2lbs gone! Funnily enough, I don't even feel like I've lost that much but a lot of people have been complimenting me on my weight loss so it must be evident!

I've had to say goodbye to my favourite workout pants as they're all too big - so sad as they were my favourites. I'm in a smaller size that fits great and is getting looser on the leg as the days go by - hopefully a sign that I'll be in the next size down soon. I can now run and workout without my pants rolling down because my stomach is too big and I feel fantastic.

My new favourite thing about my changing body is my visible collar bone. For years this was masked by a load of unnecessary fat and it's great to have it back on show.

By the end of March I'd love to lose another stone, bringing my total to two stone. This time round I'm doing it the right way with a healthy diet and lots of exercise and it's paying off.


  1. That's amazing - well done! I also find that when I make more lifestyle changes rather than go on a 'diet' I see results much more :)

    1. Thank you so much Helen. I definitely think incorporating all of these positive things into a lifestyle is much more beneficial and reaps far better results than any diet could give.

  2. Wow that is certainly amazing. I feel you pain needing the bad stuff on cold snowy days. I used to have so much resolve, but now living in Sweden, my healthy diet goes totally to pot in the long, dark, cold winter here!!

  3. When you see it as a lifestyle choice and not a diet I think it makes a massive difference to your mindset. Well done, you look fab!

  4. Good for you! You look amazing and it's great you are feeling good too, I think it makes a huge difference doesn't it?

  5. Well done you! Lifestyle changes are what will make you healthier and keep the weight off too!

  6. Good for you Hun. I’m currently on my weight loss journey and so far so good :) xx Kira xx

  7. Wow what progress you should be so proud of yourself you are doing so well!

  8. You look gorgeous - and I'm back on the weight loss journey again with you. It makes me feel SO good when I'm losing weight, and you're so right, it's a choice we can make and live with. We can do it!!

  9. You're doing fantastically well. You should be very proud of yourself. Your hard work is clearly paying off xx

  10. You look amazing, I love that floral dress on you. 1 stone 2 in 6 weeks is amazing! I'm currently 10lbs off my target and hoping to reach it before the sun makes an appearance.

    Ami xxx

  11. Congratulations on your weight loss so far, its great that you can run and not get out of breath! x

  12. Wow thats amazing that even after a break you hit goals and got back right into it. You're more committed than me. If I break routine it takes me ages to get back into it again. I have to say you look so amazing!!!

  13. Well done you, good to hear you enjoy the gym. I'm planning on joining the gym and was a little scared!

  14. Well done on your weightloss. You have achieved so much and hope you hit your targets :)

  15. Great job on your weight loss. I am working on my own weightloss journey and I can relate when you say your legs are tiring but your cardiovascular endurance is increasing. I have been feeling the same way lately. I am not getting winded on the treadmill but my legs are sure tired. Your breakfasts sound delicious also!

  16. Awesome job on your weight loss! It is a tough journey and I am currently hoping to hit my own goal by Halloween. Your breakfast menu sounds delicious. Keep up the good work!


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