Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Wanderlust Wish List ♥

*This is a collaborative post.

I am an adventurer by heart. I love exploring new places, seeing their landscapes and embracing their cultures. I haven't seen enough of the world yet and I long to explore, I long to experience different climates - both hot and cold and to set my eyes on sights I've never seen before.

There are many places which my heart hopes to explore one day and I'm sharing some of them here in the hopes that my wanderlust for experiencing these destinations may some day become a reality.

Phi Phi, Thailand
No word of a lie, when I was a teenager I had a poster of a beach scene from Phi Phi on my bedroom wall (because my nickname was Fifi and I thought it was a place just made for me to visit...) and ever since then I've dreamed of going there. Seeing this place in real life would be an absolute dream come true. The beaches there are absolutely stunning and experiencing the Thai culture first hand would be a fantastic experience. There are some beautiful places to stay in Phi Phi here.

I follow so many lovely ladies over on my Instagram who have relocated to Dubai and honestly, they make it seem like an amazing destination and so other-worldly. Dubai has such a glamourous side to it with all it's amazing building and luxurious places to visit and stay and they beaches look amazing too.

I follow a lovely lady on Instagram who has just returned home from a holiday in Bali and oh my goodness, it looks like paradise. It's one of those destinations that I can only dream of visiting, but one day I hope to step foot on one of those stunning white sand beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters with my boys - because experiencing Bali with children in tow would be amazing. It's a destination that is nothing short of perfection.

This is a destination high on my wanderlust wish list because it's so different to any destination I've ever experienced before, it's nothing short of a tropical paradise! With it's white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Seychelles is a place I could spend a long time in! I've also never been to any African country so it would be great to experience what another continent has to offer. 

St. Lucia
I've always wanted to go to the Caribbean and St. Lucia looks like one of the loveliest islands there. It's a place I'd honeymoon in if Jacek and I ever do get married and I think the beautiful island of St. Lucia would be a very romantic destination indeed.

Where does your wanderlust want to take you?

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