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Practicing Laundry Safety with Fairy Non Bio ♥

 *This post has been sponsored by Fairy Non-Bio.

I am a mother to two very curious and helpful boys who always want to know how things work and join in with the household chores - which for the most part is a good thing.

However, we all know that most household appliances, objects and cleaning supplies can be a danger to young children. Therefore, I have to be vigilant in knowing when it's appropriate for them to join in and help me with the household jobs, but also to be overly cautious when it comes to keeping cleaning and laundry products out of reach from their little hands. For example, I'm happy to let them sweep up the floor after dinner or wipe the table, but I do not let them physically touch any cleaning products.

Young children discover the world around them through touch and taste and due to this it's so important to keep anything harmful out of their reach. As a parent, I do all that I can to make sure my sons are safe and away from danger and as my boys are so curious about things, it's extra important for me to keep household products away from them. I've been asked by Fairy Non-Bio to raise awareness of how to safely store liquitabs at home and I’m happy to do so as I think it's such an important message to spread.

When it comes to liquitabs it’s important to always store them either up high or in a lockable cupboard, so that no child can reach in and take them out of their packs. In fact, I would take the extra step to not use them in front of children - what they don't see doesn't fascinate them and this would further guarantee their safety.

We're lucky in that our washing machine and tumble dryer are in a unit outside the house, which we lock when we're not using. This unit also has high shelves built in, which is where we keep our laundry and household cleaning products. I store our liquitabs and cleaners up high on these shelves so that if I’m ever in there with Tyler, he cannot reach up and take them.

Fairy Non-Bio has designed a new Fairy Non-Bio PODS Family Pack that features an enhanced child-lock system that has been specifically designed to be extremely challenging for children to open, but easy for parents to master. This is such a great initiative by Fairy Non-Bio and it’s great to see a brand taking extra care to ensure child safety is a key feature.

Fairy Non-Bio PODS are a great product and I love using them for doing our laundry – let’s face it, in a house with two young children we always have mountains of washing to do! They’re such a time saver too as I simply pop them in the machine and turn it on.

However, it’s important to remember that they can be dangerous in the hands of children and must be stored safely through three vital steps: remember - keep them up, keep them closed, keep them safe.
For more information on the Fairy Non Bio safety campaign, visit: :

For more information on the safe storage of liquitabs, visit:


  1. This is such an important message to spread, as it is easy to accidently store the tabs incorrectly. We have child locks on our kitchen cupboard, so that our daughters are safe :)

    1. It really is so important. It's so easy to store things like this incorrectly without even thinking, but it's great that you have the child locks on your cupboards.

  2. My son opens everything, so I am so glad that Fairy came up with the special child-lock system! It is awesome that you raise the awarness of how to store liquitabs at home! x

  3. This is such an important message and I know we use these all the time and the first thing I do is make sure they are out of reach.

  4. I agree that it is so important to keep liquid tabs out of children's reach. I like the sound of the new Fairy Non-Bio PODS Family Pack that features an enhanced child-lock system. Sounds handy!

  5. Such an important campaign! I've got magnetic cupboard locks to keep my products locked away safely!

  6. This is such an important message to parents. I literally have the washing machine on everyday, and I have two little girls who are just as curious as your two boys, and we always make sure these products are stored safely

  7. I love that they have designed a safer box to make it harder for kids to get in too. Great campaign to highlight

  8. I love using products by fairy! Their campaigns are always really exciting and this one is something very near and dear!
    I always keep my products in a cupboard that’s out of reach but is cool enough to make sure the products stay at the right temperature.

  9. I love, love, love this new child-lock system. I absolutely adore Fairy-Non Bio and how they always make sure to put their customers needs first. This is such an important campaign! It's so easy for curious kids to get hurt.

    We love Fairy in our house! I've used it since I was a child and now I use it for my own little girl. We both have super sensitive skin and it never ever irritates us which is amazing, but now I like them even more. My daughter is very hands on with helping around the house but sometimes she 'role plays' the chores we do. One of them is loading the washing machine and I'll often catch her pretending (luckily she does just pretend) to load it. We always store our Fairy up high, but having safe products when you have toddlers is so important and I'm so glad these are now rolling out now. My local store is still stocking the old ones, but I can't wait to get these ones when they come in! :D

  10. I am a childminder so it is in my training to keep things like this in a safe and secure location. People just don't seem to see the danger. I love fairy and they are my go to brand

  11. It is easily done isn’t it . Such an important message to keep spreading .


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