Monday, October 16, 2017

A Weekend Away in London ♥

Having a mini break is something that can give you some much-needed time away from the daily grind of work, the school run and all the early mornings and trying keeping the house clean and tidy so it’s a pleasure to live in (impossible with small children let me tell you!). Of course, we wouldn’t be without any of these things, but it can get really tiresome after a while - that’s where you take a city break! 

One of the best places for these is the home of Big Ben - London! England’s capital city has a lot to offer for all types of people no matter what their interests. Jacek and I spent a few hours in London back in the summer and us nature lovers found a whole host of beautiful flowers and wildlife to photograph in the heart of the city, so London really does have it all! Here’s a couple of tips on planning the perfect weekend away for you and the family.

Make a List of all the Sights
There’s piles and piles of things to see and do in London. Mixtures of history, culture, and modernity are up for grabs in a place like this, so make sure you have a good variety of all it has to offer on your bucket list.

Hit up classic sights like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or Hyde Park, or even just sit down in Trafalgar Square, taking photos of the statues that can be found all around. Head over to the Tate to grab yourself some interpretative pieces, or the London Dungeon to give the kids a weekend to remember!

Considering we're in the latter quarter of the year, it’s going to be very seasonal and festive around London, so grab some tickets to a Christmas market and let your plans go wild. Grabbing some hot chocolates for all your loved ones and bundling up in big coats and scarves as you trail the stalls, breathing the fresh scents under the cover of the beautiful skyline is the backdrop of a dream.

Book Yourself a Hotel
When you’re in London, a day trip isn’t going to cover it, unless you’re only headed to one place. Similarly, campsites are few and far between, so booking a hotel is the best way forward. The best places to try and find a room is the centre of London, as everything will only be a short walk away. However, these prices can skyrocket, so finding one a little way out of the main town area will work just fine as well.

Pack your trainers and lace them up in the morning and set off early to get a good seat or queue space for everything you want to see, knowing you’ve got a comfy bed just down the road to come back to. Considering the fact that London is so versatile, there’s plenty of hotels in London City and also some great alternative accommodation in London for people to snatch up. Hostels that can fit four to a room or luxury suites that have their own minibar for when the kids have settled down, look out for a deal!

Try London when you’ve got the time, it’s tailor made for family outings, couples breaks and has a lot to offer.

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