Friday, September 08, 2017

My Weight Loss Journey Week #1 | Teaching Myself To Run, Protein & Burn Bullets ♥

Well, here I am, back on the weight loss wagon again. I was doing so well, losing 30lbs and 127cm off my body in 9 months, but then summer came and I just fell off the wagon completely. I didn't go hell for leather and eat a load of crap, but I also didn't eat overly healthily either and I gave up my daily exercising completely - oops!

I didn't gain many extra pounds or inches, but I also didn't lose any either, so here I am, back on my weight loss journey and now trying to slim down for Christmas - so I can eat all the food on Christmas Day (joke)!

Last week Tyler started back at pre-school again and I took this as the perfect opportunity to get out walking again - only having one child to walk around with seeming much more manageable than dragging the two of them along with me.

So off I go every morning after dropping Tyler off at pre-school, fast walking and jogging along the road and back for two miles. I've been doing this for seven days on the trot now and today, after a full week of pounding the roads, my shins and calves are absolutely killing me. I asked for solutions to this on Instagram and someone told me I may have shin splints - I didn't even know this was a thing until yesterday but I think it's pretty safe to say I'm suffering with it, joy!

Running is something which comes so naturally to children, so why does it get so hard when we become adults? I'll be honest, I'm surprised I've actually been able to run along the road at all because 1) I'm overweight and 2) I have zero stamina.

I've been teaching myself to run my doing intervals of fast walking, jogging, fast walking, jogging... giving myself points along the road to focus on and try and reach before stopping. I've been able to run for longer and longer each day and I'm actually amazed at how quickly the body can build up stamina. Going from zero to running about a mile in such a short time has been a huge achievement for me and it's spurred me on to keep going.

Along with my daily exercising I've put myself on a high protein diet to see what results it can give me in a week.

I would have thought that with the amount of protein I'm eating - over 180 grams a day, I would be feeling full, but nope, I'm constantly hungry. I don't watch the show, but I've been following along with Operation Transformation online and they have some really great recipes to try out which look quite filling so I might have to give them a go instead. I'd like to stick on the high protein for at least a week but it's hard going feeling this hungry.

Last week I lost 3lbs after I began having protein shakes for my breakfast again (I'm having the Maxi Nutrition Lean Definition Protein) and I'm curious to see what a full week of exercise and high protein eating can do for me when it comes to weight loss - if I see no results I might just have to resign myself to a life of cake!

Five days ago I also began taking Grilla Fitness Burn Bullets, which are a high-caffeine supplement that's supposed to help burn fat, make you more alert and give energy. Five days in and I'm not getting any of these benefits from them. I do feel a bit hotter so that might be the 'burn', but I most definitely don't have more energy, in fact, I've been prone to a midday nap...

I decided to take these as I don't drink any coffee, tea or energy drinks and my energy levels really dip around lunch time, so I thought these might help to keep me energised, but so far nothing. They have received good reviews though so I'll keep going with them (I have a 30 day supply) and will update with my results in further blog posts and maybe a vlog review too.

I'm making these changes to my lifestyle and diet because I'm sick of being conscious about how I look. I took some 'before' pictures when I started taking the Burn Bullets and eating a high-protein diet and I'm mortified. I want to be able to buy lovely dresses and not have to worry about whether or not my arms will fit into the sleeves. I want to buy more jeans, feel comfortable having my legs out in the warmer months and not be the fat one in the family anymore.

I came across the inspirational weight loss story of Sarah Nicole, who, after deciding to make a change, has gone on to lose 100lbs and looks absolutely amazing for it! I hope I can achieve the same results as her and I'm loving her purple hair - all the heart eyes!

Today was my weigh-in day and after all my effort, high-protein eating and pain (no pain no gain after all...) I was optimistic for a great loss. I was left disappointed though, only losing one pound. One bloody pound. I have the legs walked off myself, have completely changed my diet, eating only eggs, tuna, chicken and veg for the the past five days, have been having my protein shakes religiously and all for just one pound.

I know a pound loss is better than a pound gain, but still, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I took my measurements for the first time today (I couldn't find my tape measure since moving), so hopefully next Monday I can at least share some centimeter losses as well as a lot more loss in weight.

I'm trying my best to make a change and hopefully I'll see some good results. It's been a bloody hard week and I've felt like giving up a few times (times when it feels like my legs are going to drop from under me), but I'm trying my hardest and am keen to stick with it. I'll be blogging my progress so do pop back if you'd like to follow along and see how I'm doing.

Wish me luck!


  1. I completely empathise!! I've been on a high protein diet and seeing a PT for weeks and I haven't lost a pound! I'm trying to focus on being healthy and fit rather than thin! ❤️❤️

  2. Awesome! I saw your blog post pop up on my Twitter feed and thought I'd read :) I've been contemplating doing a "drastic" lifestyle change, because I'm at a weight I'm terribly uncomfortable at. I was thinking of trying the keto diet...Thanks for sharing your journey :)

  3. Wow you're doing so well. I found I was moody when I cut carbs out and found intolerance tests so helpful. I just cut out the foods that came up as irritating me and still eats brown rice and non wheat-based products and it's 9 months on and I'm slimmer than pre-kids x


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