Monday, December 12, 2016

9 Great & Inexpensive Stocking Fillers For Kids ♥

I'm almost sorted for Christmas. The only thing I still need to get some bits for are the boys stockings and I have to admit, I was a bit clueless as to what to include, so I went searching online for some inspiration.

I don't want to spend too much on the gifts for the boys stockings, after all, they'll get lots of lovely gifts as it is, but I do think it's nice to include some little, non-expensive gifts for them to enjoy.

The Works Christmas Shop has lots of great stocking filler ideas for great prices too and I thought I'd review and share some of my favourite ideas, for any other parents out there who are in need of some gift inspiration.

The Irish Fairy Door - Winter Special (£20)
I'm all for anything that engages a child's imagination and a fairy door is such a great way of getting them excited about all things magic and fairies.

Jingle Bell Stick (£2)
Again, this is a great stocking filler for babies and ideal for getting them interested in music. Beau has one of these and loves it!

The Dr. Seuss Colouring Book with 36 Colouring Pencils (£6)
This is a perfect stocking filler for kids who love to colour and who are fans of the Dr. Seuss books too. Plus they can use the colouring pencils for school too.

Teamsterz - Big Builders (£2.50)
I have yet to meet a child who doesn't like dinkies and they always make fab stocking fillers. My eldest boy loves them so I'll definitely be including some for him in his stocking.

The Snow Queen (£1)
We have this and it's such a lovely book and I can't believe that it's on sale for just £1. The story is lovely and the book itself has beautiful illustrations and glittery bits. It's Christmassy without being too festive so it can be read all year round too.

Snowy Bear - Plush & Book (£7)
I always think it's lovely to get a book with a character plush, it just makes the story come to life even more for the little ones and this bear plush is super cute! A perfect stocking filler.

Snowman and the Snow Dog Snow Glow (£5.99)
Once again, I have yet to meet a child who doesn't love snow globes and this one is perfect for a Christmas stocking fillers with it's festive characters.

Jelly Pizza (£4)
A treat or two is always a welcome surprise for kids in their Christmas stocking and this jelly pizza is a fun and yummy novelty option.

Festive Hand Puppets (£2)
This would be a lovely stocking filler for babies and I think including one in Beau's stocking would be a great idea. There's a reindeer, a penguin and a snowman to choose from and at just £2 they're a great inexpensive stocking filler idea too.

If you're also putting together a Christmas Eve box/basket for your kids and are looking for some inspiration for that too, then do pop over to my post which shares lots of ideas of what to include and the previous baskets I've made for Tyler.


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