Monday, August 01, 2016

6 Ideas For Decorating Walls In Children's Bedrooms ♥

I have a slight bug bear when it comes to the decor inside my home and that's bare walls. I honestly can't stand seeing a wall with nothing on it, it just screams to me that it needs to be adorned with something, anything, so that it doesn't look bare or boring anymore. We currently have one of these walls in our house and that's the wall behind Tyler Lee's bed. His bed stupidly doesn't have a headboard (we live in a rented house and this bed has been here all along, much to my dismay), so there isn't even that to use as a feature on the wall, so I've been trying to come up with some fun ways of decorating the wall, as well as making it interesting for my little boy too.

1. Use stickers or decals
I used to have decals around his room when he was younger, but since it's had a fresh lick of paint they all had to come down. They really did make quite a feature on the wall though and it was lovely to have had some quotes from his favourite books on there. I've been looking at Tenstickers range of stickers and decals and thought the blue stars stickers and the white clouds stickers (these so reminded me of Andy's room in Toy Story!) were lovely and would fit quite well in his star/nautical themed bedroom.

2. Proudly display their artwork
If your little one is into arts and crafts and is always creating lovely little masterpieces that you'd like to treasure then why not display their artwork on their bedroom walls? This is something I've begun doing in Tyler Lee's room and he really loves looking at his creations. I also think it makes him feel rather proud that I've displayed them on the wall for him. This could also be an excuse to get creative with your little ones and have some arts and crafts time to make things for the wall.

3. Display pictures with pegs string
This is an idea which I really love and one I've had in my own bedroom before (I really need to get my pictures on string back up soon!). These days you can print out pictures in polaroid type form and these are perfect for hanging on string with some miniature pegs (you can pick these up easily in your local Discount shop). You can see my pictures displayed on string and find out where I got them printed from here. Alternatively, if you're like me and have a Fujifilm Instax or other instant camera, you can use those pictures for hanging up straight away.

4. Create your very own shelfie
This is something which is all the rage on Instagram and I never thought I'd be interested in seeing how people display shelves in their children's rooms but I really am (I know, I should get a life!). Have a shelf above your child's cot or bed or even their dresser, is a lovely way of displaying all their little trinkets, some cuddly toys and other special bits and bobs that you want to show off but also keep out of reach of little hands. If you search the #shelfie or #nurseryinspo hashtags on Instagram you're sure to find some gorgeous shelfie inspiration.

5. Make a collage of framed prints and pictures
This another idea which I love and is one I really want to do in Tyler Lee's room. You can easily pick up cheap frames at your local discount store - if they're all different shapes and sizes even better, and simply display your favourite pictures of the kids and some prints that you love the look of. Some of my favourite prints at the moment are these sweet little Peter Rabbit prints and quotes from this shop on Etsy.

6. Hang DIY letter banners on the wall
This is also something which I've previously done in Tyler Lee's room and it's a very effective way of jazzing up a boring, bare wall and personalising a child's room at the same time. I love the handwriting style DIY letter banner but there are lots of different types available and even in pastel colours too.


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