Thursday, March 24, 2016

32 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today I turn 33 weeks pregnant, so it's about time I recorded the 32nd week of my pregnancy with baby number two. I usually like to have these pregnancy updates lives on a Wednesday, but as I've said before, the days all seem to be melting into one now and I feel as though I don't have time for anything. Blogging has had to go on the back-burner for a bit whilst I try and look after my health, my increasingly needy toddler and everything else that daily life requires of me too.

Honestly I'm exhausted. If I could book myself into a hotel and spa for a couple of days just to unwind I'd do it in a heartbeat - lack of a childminder and funds mean no break for me! I take my hat off to people who have to cope with more than one child during pregnancy, I honestly don't know how you ladies do it, I'm in awe and would love to know your secret.

The coughing which began almost two weeks ago, due to what I think was a chest infection, hasn't stopped, but thankfully the phlegm has - it's not a great feeling when your bodily secretions are trying to choke you! I had a very strange episode the other night when, after I put Tyler Lee to bed, I began getting very painful shooting pains in my bump. As I lay in bed I felt as if I needed to get sick but when I went out to the bathroom nothing happened. Back in bed I began to shiver and didn't want to move as this made my bump pains even more painful, it was as if my body was going into shock for no apparent reason - very bizarre!

Aches and pains in my bump are a regular occurrence now, I don't remember having anything like this with Tyler Lee. I must visit my GP next week so I'll be asking him about them, until then I'll have to come to my own conclusion that they're Braxton Hicks. The silent reflux has been absolutely awful too, my throat is constantly being burnt by acid no matter what I eat and I'm not only drinking plain water, a fizzy drink just isn't worth the hassle now.

I can't believe there's just seven weeks to go now, I feel so unprepared and we've tons to do!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - cantaloupe, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - getting the box room cleared out, painted and getting a new cot for the baby.

My favourite moment was - Tyler Lee coming into me one morning, saying hello to my bump and then saying "I love you" to the baby, it was incredibly sweet.

I've been feeling - exhausted and so fed up of silent reflux... any solutions greatly appreciated!

I've been buying for baby - nothing again but we have picked out a cot and I'm currently searching for nursery inspiration.

I'm missing - being able to go out and about without feeling like I'm going to drop down. I can't even shoot pictures when we go out on our adventures now because I get so out of breath and dizzy.

I'm craving - still nothing, I find it so strange that I've never had true cravings on either pregnancy.

I'm loving - having some time to myself whilst Tyler is at Easter camp, I love the boy dearly but I'm just so tired!

I've been meaning to - make an appointment with my GP, I always leave it to the last minute so I'm trying not to do that this time.

I can't wait for - our next hospital appointment on April 13th at 36 weeks.



  1. Wow, seven weeks to go? I know that may still seem long to you (it defiantly felt that way with me when I was pregnant with T). Take care and hope the cough clears up. x

  2. Not long to go now! I'm excited for you! hopefully you'll get some much need rest and relaxation soon. x

  3. I shouldn't read pregnancy blogs as it only makes me broody. I really miss those early years, and not just because my two are now at school and my time as a stay-at-home dad is coming to an end ... although mostly it's that ...

  4. 7 weeks to go! Your pregnancy is going by so fast.

  5. Not long to go now, it's so exciting! Good luck with getting everything sorted ready for their arrival!

  6. Ah, such beautiful baby items, it's enough to make me broody(!) I hope your cough clears up soon. I heard that you start to get a second wind as you near the end of your pregnancy, it never happened for me but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! xx

  7. Pregnancy is tough, especially with a toddler in tow that you literally cannot run after! Good luck with the next seven weeks.

  8. Time is flying by so quickly isn't it! I found once I hit 30 weeks the tiredness completely took over, it's really hard to stick to a blogging schedule now and sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. Sorry to hear your not feeling great - hopefully you'll get some relief soon.

  9. I'm loving your updates because you're only a few weeks ahead of me so I'm feeling very similar. I'm constantly exhausted with work and looking after a toddler too ... It's so tiring! Have you tried coconut water? It might make a change from water but be plain enough not to trigger your reflux x

  10. Wow 7 weeks to go! Its so exciting, i hope you get to relax a bit even if its just at home. I know its difficult with a little one aswell, good luck for the next 7 weeks!- Marie x

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon. Tyler saying I love you to the bump is adorable!x

  12. Wow, how are you already at 32 weeks? It doesnt seem that long ago that you announced the pregnancy x

  13. Not long now! You're on the downhill run now. I really hope the time goes quickly and you don't end up going overdue. That's awful!

  14. You're on the home stretch. Not long to go now. You must be excited :)

  15. Aww congrats on the pregnancy, what a lovely bum you have :)... love the rabbits xx

  16. I always seemed to get bad coughs when pregnant and I have no idea why - it was so uncomfortable so I feel your pain. Not long now xx

  17. Not long to go now! Enjoy the end of your pregnancy! Lots of love for you and your beautiful family


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