Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tyler Lee's Christmas Eve Basket 2015 ♥

Every Christmas I put together a basket of goodies for Tyler Lee to enjoy on Christmas Eve. I love seeing his little face light up when he sees the big basket full of books, sweet treats and various other bits and bobs that I've put together especially for him. If you didn't know already, my family is tri-national, I am of course Irish and Jacek is Polish/South African so when important times of year such as Christmas come along we try to merge both our traditions to make a fun and traditional type Christmas for us all.

I've had the contents for this years basket put away in the spare room for a couple of weeks now but I just haven't managed to get them into the basket, for shame! I should have had it prepared and this post written a long time ago but now that Tyler Lee is almost three (February please take your time in coming around), it's getting harder and harder to find a place to hide the basket so that he won't see it or take everything out of it!

 Included in this years basket are:

New Christmas themed pyjamas. New pyjamas for Christmas Eve were always a tradition for my brother and I and I've passed this onto Tyler Lee. These gorgeous ones are from Powell Craft.

Three books - Happy Christmas Mr. Nimbus, A Christmas Carol and A Letter To Santa . All of these were bought in Dealz for just €1.49 each.

Lush 'The Magic of Christmas' bubble bar wand for his Christmas Eve bath time.

Bath crayons which I also picked up in Dealz for just €1.49.

Two Thornton's chocolate lollies, a Santa and a snowman.

Jelly Tots, Milky Bar buttons, Smarties robin, Santa and reindeer and some chocolate gold coins.

A glittery gold crown - because why not have a bit of dress up on Christmas Eve?

This years Christmas Eve basket is smaller than last years but I know my boy will just love everything included. This year Jacek and I are trying to pay more attention to Tyler Lee's stocking so we're sharing things that would have been in the Christmas Eve basket with that too. If you're looking for more Christmas Eve basket ideas you can see the baskets I put together for him for Christmas 2013 (his first Christmas) and Christmas 2014 here. A big shoutout to The Plaque Company for their wonderful 'Christmas With Tyler Lee' plaque they gifted us with, so kind and fab quality too.

Do you put together a Christmas Eve basket for your little ones?


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  1. The Christmas plaque is so pretty! Hoping you, Jacek, Tyler Lee & growing bump have a QUIET (!) and stress-free Christmas xxx


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