Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last Minute 2nd Hand Gifts ♥

We all know that Christmas can be a very expensive time of year, with presents taking up the majority of people's budgets. However, even if you don't have money to spend on brand new, big, expensive gifts, you can still find some lovely gifts for people from places such as charity shops, carboot sales, stores which sell new and used goods such as Cash Generator and 2nd hand selling sites such as Ebay and Etsy. I'm a fan of shopping in charity shops and going to the carboot on a Sunday morning, you can find some incredible bargains and most of the things you can pick up are in fantastic condition, making them great gift choices.

I was recently challenged to take £20 and see what 2nd hand gifts I could pick up for this and under. I accepted the challenge as £20 is actually a lot of money when you're picking up 2nd hand items from these type of shops, there are so many bargains to be had. So lets see how well I did with my £20...

Tyler Lee and I love all things Sylvanian Families but they can be quite expensive, so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted this Sylvanian cottage and old style nursery bus in a local charity shop. The cottage was just £2.50 and the nursery bus was 50p! I was so delighted to find these and Tyler Lee will love putting his little families in these.

I found this adorable vintage Peter Rabbit romper on Etsy and I couldn't resist picking it up for a friend who shares my love of all things Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter. The light blue colour is absolutely gorgeous and the Peter Rabbit stitching on the chest is the same as one of Tyler Lee's Peter Rabbit outfits. The back of this is also adorable. This isn't my picture as this is arriving from California but I love it and I think it'll make a great gift. This was only £8.75 - such a bargain I'm sure you'll agree.

I always like to pick up some books anytime I go to the charity shop and this time I found some real gems. Carrying on with the Beatrix Potter theme, I was lucky enough to find this Beatrix Potter Treasury which is in perfect condition and it was just £1.50. I also found this Beatrix Potter Nursery rhyme book, which again is in amazing condition considering it was published in 1987. I spotted this on Etsy last week and it was selling for over £10, I got this one for just £1. I also picked up Deans Book of Fairy Tales, simply because I couldn't resist the cover. This is in perfect condition even though it was published in 1967. I love this illustrations and this was just 50p! These will be gifts for Tyler Lee as I love building up his library.

I think I got some amazing bargains out of my £20. By the way, the rest of the £20 went on the postage of the romper. It just goes to show that you can pick up some amazing items 2nd hand and most of the time there's no need to go to any added expense and fork out for new things. Just today Tyler Lee was gifted a bag of 2nd hand toys and you know what, he hasn't stopped playing with them, he's absolutely delighted! Children don't care if something is new or not, they just see the fun in everything - I wish adults were like that too.

Have you picked up any 2nd hand gifts this Christmas?

*This is a collaborative post on behalf of Cash Generator.


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