Monday, November 23, 2015

Tyler Lee's Christmas Gifts | 2015 ♥

Once again I'm super organised with my Christmas shopping, well, with the Santa list anyway. I find it so much easier getting things bit by bit and when they're on offer, it's much more cost effective this way and the only thing I really have to worry about is where I'll store the gifts before Christmas Eve night - next year it's going to be impossible to find a hiding place that Tyler Lee won't discover, he's become so curious lately. 

Recently I haven't been in the best health due to my pregnancy so I haven't been able to get out and about and to do my Christmas shopping - I'm actually dying to see the Christmas displays, thankfully I've been able to find everything I needed in an online toy store and I was actually able to see a larger selection of toys this way too instead of traipsing up and down the aisles of the only toy store in my city. I honestly find it much easier to shop online for toys and just get them delivered to my house - anyone else with me on this?

This year we had no main present to get Tyler Lee. We initially were going to get him his first bike but we're going to save that for his birthday in February. Now that he's a year older he's able to tell me things that he likes and he specifically asked if Santa could bring him a Bing and a Flop toy. He loves playing with LEGO so we've gotten him a couple of new Duplo sets, my favourite is the playhouse set, it's really sweet. He also loves his cars so we got him a wooden garage to keep them all in. I'm a big fan of wooden toys but the older he gets the harder it seems to find ones he'll be interested in but this one will be a real winner for sure! He also loves cleaning - using our mop, brush and hoover, so I got him his own little set for his toy kitchen.

Sylvanian Families Tree House //  Sylvanian Families Chocolate Labrador Family // Painting Caddy // Crayola Inspirational Art Case // LEGO Duplo My First Playhouse

Tyler Lee has quite the selection of Sylvanian Families already so we decided to build on it some more. It's great when your child has a collection that they love because it always makes way for a gift idea! We got him the Sylvanian Families Tree House - I just know he'll love putting them all down the slide! We also got him the Chocolate Labrador Family to go with it. By the way, I found a huge selection of Sylvanian Families toys here, a much larger selection than I've ever come across before. Ever since beginning playschool back in January Tyler Lee has become very interested in all things art and drawing - he can spend hours in a day drawing pictures, so we decided to get him some art sets. The Melissa & Doug stamp set will be a real winner with him because he gets a stamp on his hand everyday at playschool and loves it! The Crayola Art case has everything he needs for creating his little masterpieces and the paint caddy has everything for some fun-filled painting sessions at the kitchen table. It'll be lovely to do some arts and crafts with him after Christmas.

I just know he'll love everything and I don't think we've gone too overboard this year. Everything we bought is something I know he'll use and have fun with, plus the art stuff is quite educational I think, especially as he loves drawing and painting so much.

If you're looking for some more Christmas gift inspiration for your little ones you can see what Santa brought Tyler Lee last Christmas here.

What is your little one getting for Christmas this year?


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  1. Lovely list. I have all the presents bought for Matthew. And I also have them wrapped. Super organised this year myself. The only downside of being so organised this early is that there might be another present sliding into it. lol At the age of 3 I am glad Matthew can't tell me yet what he wants from Santa. I ask him all the time but he doesn't know. Which is good I suppose.


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