Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Book Advent Calendar ♥

 Last year I began a new Christmas tradition for Tyler Lee, I put together a book advent calendar for him. Whilst scrolling down through my Facebook feed one day (as you do) this image of books wrapped up in gorgeous Christmas wrapping paper popped up and being a Christmas lover I had to click on the photo and see what it was all about.

The idea is to wrap up twenty-five books, they don't all have to be new and they don't all have to be Christmas themed, in fact, I went with the theme of childhood favourites of Tyler Lee's father and I, winter and Christmas and some of the books are ones which were in his Christmas Eve basket last year but the idea is for the child to choose a different book each night before bed beginning on December 1st so that they have a new bedtime story each night leading up to Christmas Day.

 I've put tags on the books to say what book they are and what date they should be read on starting with the least Christmassy and winter themed books first. Of course, when Tyler's older it'll be a pot luck pick for him to see which book he picks from the basket and this will add even more excitement to the book advent calendar for him.

 I simply loved this idea and I loved how it all turned out last year so I'm continuing on with the tradition. My boy is a little bookworm and I regularly catch his taking books off his shelf and sitting down to have a look through them. He loves bedtime stories and sometimes even looks for a story at nap times too. He always wants to see the books after he's been read them and he really shows and interest in the pictures, turning the pages and pointing to the characters he likes so I think the book advent calendar is something that he'll really love throughout the years.
These were just some of the books I wrapped up for the book advent calendar last year. We now have a big box full of Christmas books and we picked up a lot of Christmas books from a local charity shop at the end of last year so I'll be including them within the calendar this year - it'll probably turn out to be a complete Christmas theme this time round.

I'll do a little update on this years book advent calendar when I'm wrapping it all up - must try to do this sometime next week.

1. The Gruffalo's Child // 2. The Snowman and the Snowdog // 3. The Christmas Tale Of Peter Rabbit // 4. The Night Before Christmas // 5. Richard Scarry's Best Bedtime Stories Ever // 6. Santa Is Coming To // 7. One Snowy Night // 8. The Nativity // 9. Baby's First Christmas (Similar) // 10. Stick Man // 11. Millie-Mae In Winter

I think the book advent calender idea is perfect for Christmas time too as it promotes what Christmas is all about for me - spending time with family and treasuring each moment with them. Jacek and I have tried to make bedtime a fun and enjoyable time for our son with all his night lights, lullabies and bedtime stories and this book advent calender just adds another fun element to this time of day with a great festive twist.

Do you have this tradition in your house? Is it something you would like to do this Christmas?



  1. This is a lovely idea....Makes a nice change from chocolate :D

  2. Great idea , thank you for sharing. I think I would enjoy watching the kids enjoy this but I don't think I would enjoy the additional wrapping lol xxxx

  3. This is such a lovely idea and definitely something that I would consider for Aria next year :)

  4. I'm planning on doing this this year! I haven't done this before but have seen it in a few places and it looks like a great idea. I am planning on using our local library to get some books for it.

  5. Love this idea. We're a family of book readers too but my older 2 are into novels now - perhaps a chapter as a bedtime story would do?? Thanks v much for the idea - will have to remodel for my girls' ages I think :)

  6. I love this tradition I won't be doing it this year but next year definitely


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