Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tyler Lee's Halloween Basket | 2015 ♥

I really love putting together little treats baskets for Tyler Lee whenever there's a holiday of sorts. He gets one for Easter, Christmas Eve and I also put together a little one for him at Halloween. Some people seem to be really against the idea of gifting children with these types of baskets so often but I for one love them and to be honest, I'd rather he had a basket full of books and other seasonal themed items to enjoy rather than a load of chocolate and sweets - everything in moderation for us because the boy sure does love his choccie! You can see the Halloween basket I put together for him last year here, he really enjoyed it and that's reason enough for me to keep up with our basket traditions.

This year Jacek went and bought Tyler Lee some new Halloween themed books and I think they're some of the nicest books he's ever had. They were all relatively cheap too, apart from two that were from Waterstones - but aren't they always expensive?! The rest of the books were picked up from our local Dealz store and were just €1.49 each - a total bargain! The books in his basket are Spooky House which is a lift-the-tab flap book which is a lot of fun for toddlers to interact with whilst being read the story, Halloween ABC, which is another great book for toddlers. It goes through the abc by showing what everyone dressed up as for Halloween and what they saw when out trick or treating. The other two books are the ones from Dealz (Poundland if you're in the UK) and are called Spooky Spells and The Haunted House.

Tyler is really into his arts and crafts at the moment and does some colouring everyday so I wanted to get him some new crayons. I picked up a pack of 24 Crayola crayons from House of Fraser when I was picking out some Christmas gifts from him and these were just £1.70 - such a bargain! I'm always impressed with the prices of the toys available at House of Fraser.

I was supposed to do some baking with Tyler last week but I was just too ill so I decided to put the 3D dinosaur cookie cutters I got him from the Natural History Museum Shop into his Halloween basket. We'll bake some cookies on Saturday afternoon and I can't wait to see his face when he sees the Triceratops and Brachiosaurus standing up and ready to eat. He loves dinosaurs! These were just £8 each.

I also included a vampire mask which he wore to his school Halloween party last week and the little pumpkin bag he made, I think he'll use this for his trick or treating - I'm hopefully taking him for the first time on Saturday night! He also made some candy apples in school and I put one into his Halloween basket. I haven't added anymore sweets as he'll have more than enough if he's going trick or treating.

Are you putting together a Halloween basket for your little ones this year?



  1. This sounds like a fab idea! I am not doing a halloween basket this time round but will be doing a christmas one! I'm so excited!

    Angela xx

  2. What a lovely Halloween Basket, I meant to do one of these for Boo this year but I ran out of time! It looks like there is so much fab stuff packed in there! Hope you have a fantastic Halloween!

  3. Aww, I love Tyler Lee's Halloween basket :) I've done Stacey and Oscar one each and they each have a DVD and a cuddly toy and then Oscar has a book, a sticker activity book and some monster biscuits and Stacey has some Halloween themed cake bars, some LED balloons and some other bits and bobs like Halloween nail stickers and beauty products.

    Louise x

  4. Ah we always do baskets too and I think its such a lovely tradition!! Especially coz they always include books and whats nicer than seasonal books to enjoy for years to come?! I love that it forces me to look for new books for each celebration, we've found some real gems and favourites this way!! xx

  5. Lovely idea to make a Halloween basket. And so reasonably too. I love an excuse to give them lots of new books! My kids would love the dinosaur cookie cutters too. Will definitely pick some up x

  6. This is such a great idea, I am always complaining that the children get far too much chocolate during holidays. I'm out of time to do a treat basket for halloween but might try to put one together for Christmas instead x

  7. I love these baskets, they're such a good idea. I think it's a great idea to put some of the handmade items in there too.

  8. What amazing idea and tradition that you started with the Halloween baskets.I like them both, its very interesting. Thank you for all the tips,especially the books are really cheap.It would be perfect gift for my son.

  9. Such a good idea. They can collect far far to much sweets and chocolates on this occasion.


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