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Pregnancy | The Good, The Weird & The Downright Embarrassing ♥

Pregnancy, such a wonderful, joyous time in any woman's life... well for most women anyway, some of us can suffer with terrible sickness during pregnancy making it anything but a good time! Growing a precious little life can be quite hard on a woman's body, much harder than most people imagine - I never knew how hard pregnancy could be before I had my son, but it's safe to say the tears, sickness, pain and everything else I didn't particularly enjoy, was so worth it when I held my precious newborn in my arms - honestly!

I thought I'd do this post just to let people know - those of you who may be trying to conceive, are already expecting or who are on their second or multiple pregnancies, about all the weird and wonderful things that can be experienced during pregnancy, all of which are completely normal but some which may be a bit embarrassing to talk about! This is my view on pregnancy - the good, the weird and the downright embarrassing!

Lets start with the good shall we? I'll be honest, during my first pregnancy I didn't experience many good moments, my head was constantly in the toilet throwing up every morsel of my being - cause there was no food in me to come out! But some things that really stood out were -

Every scan where you get to see your baby - it's such a precious moment to see your baby floating about inside you, made even more special if they're moving around. I will never get enough of scans!

Feeling baby kick for the first time - nothing will ever compare to that pregnancy moment, knowing you have a life growing inside you is so completely, utterly special.

Hearing your baby's heartbeat - this is also another amazing thing to experience, I just love the sound of the heartbeat, it's both emotional and reassuring to hear.

Having your partner/other children interact with your bump - I absolutely love this, it just reminds us all of how loved this baby is already and to be honest, is there anything more adorable than a child giving kisses and cuddles to their mummy's baby bump?!

Finding out the gender - this is another favourite moment of mine. I simply couldn't wait nine months, having a private scan, seeing my baby and hearing the words "it's a boy!" was just magical. It was all blue from there and it was great to have things planned and ready for his arrival.

Having a valid excuse to cry at everything - I can cry at the drop of a hat anyway but everything seems so much sweeter and worthy of tears during pregnancy! Even Wall-E made me cry, he was just so lonely on his little planet with all the rubbish!

Now onto the weird, some of these can also be quite funny too!

The most vivid dreams you will ever have in your life - it's like multiple films are going on inside your head each night. Some pregnant women complain of nightmares and distressing dreams, I on the other hand have the best, unusual and funniest dreams and I love them! I wish I could record my dreams and watch them back the next morning. The most notable of my dreams this week was when I was in a Eastern European city in search of a Mr. Pea Nus - my mother says I've already found him, hence my condition!

Always being hungry but not wanting to eat anything - so many food aversions, so many tummy rumbles. Why is nothing appealing anymore, not even my beloved chocolate? Forcing yourself to eat is never a good feeling.

Feeling like you have a cold but not actually being sick - like what the frack is going on? All those hormones are wreaking havoc on your entire body, why should your nose escape the drama? I sometimes sound like I have a peg on my nose. Keep the saline drops at hand ladies!

Sweating like there's no tomorrow - no I haven't just run a marathon, it's called 'glowing' don't you know!

Breathlessness - again, you haven't been running or over exerting yourself but even climbing the stairs feels like you've conquered Everest! You're not getting unfit, your diaphragm is just pushed up to make way for baby - an excuse to sit down and take it easy though, no?

Being able to nap at the drop of a hat - You sit down to relax and watch a bit of TV and BAM! you're asleep. This particular symptom meant that I missed the final of The Great British Bake Off... noooooo!

Not being able to put your shoes and socks on by yourself - No amount of wiggling or jiggling is going to work, the bump wins every time. We all must sit and be patient whilst our other halves or whoever else is around, tends to our shoe and sock issues. Back to the toddler stage for us all...

And now for the downright embarrassing... things that we don't really want to talk about but have to, even if it means trying to whisper over the counter for a remedy in your local pharmacy - why are they always super busy when you're looking for these things too?! It's a conspiracy against us pregnant ladies and all our unsightly ailments!

Hemorrhoids, a pain in the bum... literally! I've been lucky enough not to suffer from these personally during pregnancy but I've had friends who have suffered terribly with hemorrhoids - some even having to go to hospital after the birth to get them sorted, eek! My nan, God rest her soul, used to tell me not to sit on wet grass or you'd get them, she never warned me about pregnancy! There are some remedies you can get to soothe and relieve the problem. Anything that can discretely resolve the problem at home is a winner with me!

Discharge, every colour of the rainbow. Another issue I never even knew about before pregnancy. Pregnant women can be more susceptible to suffering from thrush but thankfully the issue can be easily sorted with vials or creams such as Canesten. 

Unwanted and unexpected wind! It always seems to happen at the most inappropriate times too doesn't it? We can't be blamed though, our insides are being pushed, shoved and pulled from pillar to post to make room for our growing babies, so it's inevitable there's going to be some eruptions from time to time. Blame anyone but yourself - the other half, the toddler, the dog!

Leakages. I miss the days when I could laugh or sneeze without the worry of peeing myself... oh pregnancy, what have you done to me?! Whether it's pee or breast milk, a pregnant woman can experience many leakages during and after her pregnancy. Yes these can be embarrassing but after all our bodies have been through there's bound to be some fall out, or leak out, isn't there?

Unreliable bowels. It's either you can't go or you're going too much, there doesn't seem to be any happy medium. Why does no amount of orange juice work to get things moving either?

Pregnancy really is such a wonderful thing, but it's not without it's ups and downs. I think all us ladies deserve a medal for what we put our bodies through for our precious babies! I hope you enjoyed my light-hearted view of what mine and millions of other women's bodies are going through right now. 

Have you suffered from any of these things during your own pregnancy/pregnancies?



  1. Great round up of pregnancy! I was really sick at first with Baby and smells would knock me. Then I was super worried something would go wrong, so didn't enjoy it as much as I should xx

  2. I had a haemorrhoid that burst when I bent over it was awful I was in pain sat down all day at work! I would run from my car at home to be sick until 22 weeks. I even through up in the middle of Venice! The end result was definitely worth it though

  3. Love your round up ! There are so many symptoms aren't there but its all worth it in the end.

  4. Just reading this again made me giggle - at 38 weeks pregnant I've definitely experienced a few leakages!! xx

  5. I love how whitty you are. It's a realistic guide �� i love your blog


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